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ASML, a technology giant, emerged from a collaboration. Visionaries in the Netherlands founded it, aiming at semiconductor manufacturing advancement. Its birthplace, a hub for tech innovation, reflects its pioneering spirit. ASML dedicates itself to producing photolithography machines. These are crucial for microchip fabrication, enabling the digital age’s backbone.

Meaning and History

ASML Logo history

In 1984, ASML was born, marking a new era in semiconductor manufacturing. This company became a pivotal player by developing machines that use light to print tiny circuits on silicon wafers, a core process in chip production. Key milestones include the introduction of the first commercial lithography machine in the late 80’s and breaking ground with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography systems in the 2010s. ASML’s journey is a testament to innovation and growth in the face of global technological evolution.

What is ASML?
ASML is the invisible giant behind modern technology. It produces machines crucial for manufacturing semiconductor chips, found in everything from smartphones to cars. Through precision engineering, ASML enables the creation of smaller, more powerful chips, shaping the future of technology.

1984 – 2012

ASML Logo 1984

The ASML logo displays a graphic symbol paired with bold lettering. The symbol, square rotated at a 45-degree angle, consists of white lines crossing blue stripes. The company’s name, “ASML”, is written in uppercase, using a deep blue hue that signifies reliability and professionalism. The font is clean and modern, suggesting the company’s forward-looking ethos and precision-based industry. This emblem encapsulates ASML’s identity, symbolizing its cutting-edge approach to technology.

2012 – Today


The updated ASML logo features bold, blue capital letters without additional graphic elements. The ‘S’ stands out with a stylized swirl, adding a dynamic touch. The color remains a confident blue, signifying strength and expertise. The design is simpler, cleaner, focusing on the name itself. This change suggests a modern and streamlined approach, reflecting a focus on clarity and precision in the company’s identity. The removal of the earlier diamond-shaped graphic signifies a shift to a more direct and unembellished brand presentation.