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Beretta is a renowned Italian firearms manufacturer, one of the oldest in the world. It was established by Bartolomeo Beretta in Brescia, Italy. Beretta is famous for producing high-quality handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The company gained prominence for its skillful craftsmanship and innovation in gun-making, catering to both military and civilian markets. Beretta’s firearms are prized for their reliability, precision, and aesthetic design, reflecting a centuries-long tradition of Italian excellence in metalworking and arms manufacture.

Meaning and history

Beretta Logo history

Founded in 1526, Beretta is the world’s oldest active firearms manufacturer.  The company initially thrived on producing arquebus barrels. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Beretta expanded under the Republic of Venice’s patronage. By the 1800s, Beretta had gained fame for superior gun barrels. The 19th century saw Beretta embracing industrialization, modernizing production techniques. World War I and II significantly boosted Beretta’s growth, fulfilling large military contracts. Post-World War II, Beretta innovated in civilian and sporting firearms. The M9 pistol, adopted by the U.S. military in 1985, marked a milestone.

Beretta’s global presence reflects its commitment to quality and innovation. The company continues to balance tradition with technological advancements, catering to both military and civilian markets. Beretta’s legacy spans nearly 500 years, symbolizing excellence in firearm manufacturing.

What is Beretta?
Beretta, rooted in a rich Italian heritage, stands as a legendary icon in firearm manufacturing. Established in 1526, it’s celebrated for crafting superior quality guns, blending artful design with technological innovation. This venerable company, the oldest of its kind, continues to set global standards in the firearms industry.

1800s – 1950

Beretta Logo 1800s

The logo is a vintage shield, its patina suggesting age and resilience. Two letters, “PB,” are intertwined in an elegant script, dominating the center. Below, an oak branch and acorns signify strength and endurance. The overall design conveys tradition, endurance, and a deep-rooted legacy, much like the company it represents. The shield’s contours are smooth, its edges slightly worn, embodying a fusion of history and artistry.

1950 – Today

Beretta Logo

This modern Beretta logo pivots towards minimalism, with a crisp navy blue hue. It features a trio of arrows encircled, symbolizing precision, direction, and martial heritage. Below, the brand name “BERETTA” is spelled out in bold, capitalized serif typography, exuding a sense of solidity and reliability. This contemporary design embodies the company’s evolution while maintaining its storied legacy.