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Over the course of one and a half hundred years of its existence, the Browning company transformed from a private workshop into a flagship of world-class arms production. Its product range includes dozens of popular models, ranging from vest pistols to heavy machine guns, many of which are in service with law enforcement agencies in various countries. Shotguns designed by John Browning himself are still respected among shooters and hunters.

Meaning and History

The Browning Arms Company was founded in 1878. The full name of the company was John Moses & Matthew Sandifer Browning Company. The company’s original purpose was to sell sporting weapons developed by John Browning, one of the most successful gun designers in history. During his life, John received 128 patents for firearms. In 1977, FN and Miroku bought a majority stake in Browning Arms Company. After its acquisition, the three companies became one and formed a company called Browning S.A. In the United States, a subsidiary was formed in Morgan, Utah, called the Browning Arms Company. In the modern world of hunting weapon manufacturers, the company continues to occupy a leading position.

What is Browning?
Browning Arms Company is one of America’s oldest firearms manufacturers. Today, the company’s products also include fishing gear and hunting shoes. In addition, the company produces hunting knives, so it often collaborates with famous designers such as Russ Kommer.

1878 – Today

Browning Logo

Although the name of the company is printed using a bold, geometric font of a black color, which could not be looked past, it is the illustration on the left that attracts the attention. It is an outline of a deer head silhouette with grand antlers. The thick black line used to draw the silhouette was a perfect match for a rather daring inscription. Several factors contributed to a solid, strong, and confident image of the brand. These included close spacing between the characters, black color, as well as wide, all uppercase, geometric letters with slab serifs.

Font and Color

Browning Emblem

The company went for a bold, geometric font with slab serifs. The font closely resembles a typeface known as LHF Full Block, which was designed by Chuck Davis, or National Champion Medium font by Kyle Wayne Benson.

Although black color has different meanings in different cultures, in our perception, it is associated with authority, power, stability, intelligence, and strength. Black is the most suitable color for printed text because it is easiest to read. Due to its timeless elegance, this color is very common in logos across all industries.