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Coleman is a company known for its outdoor recreation products. William Coffin Coleman founded it. It originated in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. The brand initially aimed to create better lighting solutions for rural areas.

Meaning and history

Coleman Logo history

The Coleman Company was established in 1900 by William Coffin Coleman. Originally, it produced gasoline-powered lanterns that significantly improved nighttime work and leisure conditions. Over the decades, Coleman expanded its product line to include camping gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, and coolers, becoming synonymous with outdoor activities. Key milestones include the introduction of a portable stove for military use in the 1940s and the launch of durable, lightweight coolers in the 1950s. Coleman continues to innovate with new technologies for outdoor enthusiasts.

What is Coleman?
Coleman is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor recreation products. They specialize in equipment that enhances camping experiences, such as tents, lanterns, and stoves. The brand stands for durability and reliability in the great outdoors.

1930 – 1945

Coleman Logo 1930

The logo depicts a stylized sunrise, with a semi-circular sun partially dipped below a wavy line representing the horizon. Rays extend dynamically from the sun, symbolizing energy and the dawn of adventure. The word “Coleman” is prominently displayed in bold, red letters below the graphic, asserting the brand’s identity in a simple yet striking color scheme. The overall design conveys a sense of outdoor exploration and vitality.

1945 – 1960

Coleman Logo 1945

This version of the Coleman logo simplifies its design significantly compared to the previous one. It features only the brand name “Coleman” in bold, white letters set against a striking red background. The rectangular shape frames the name, emphasizing a clean, modern look. The design omits any graphical elements like the sun and rays seen earlier, focusing purely on the text. This shift highlights the brand’s name, making it more straightforward and visually impactful. The minimalistic approach suggests a modern, accessible brand identity.

1960 – 1995

Coleman Logo 1960

This iteration of the Coleman logo reintroduces a graphical element to its design. Positioned on the right, an icon featuring a stylized lantern adds a visual nod to the company’s origins in lighting solutions. The logo retains its bold, white text on a red background but now includes this emblem to connect more directly with its outdoor and camping products. The inclusion of this icon enriches the logo’s narrative, blending modern simplicity with a touch of heritage. The overall effect strengthens the brand’s identity within the outdoor market.

1995 – Today

Coleman Logo

In this logo evolution, the lantern icon on the right has become more prominent and detailed, enhancing the brand’s historical connection to outdoor lighting. The “Coleman” text now features a more rounded and modern typeface, offering a friendlier appearance. The red background retains its vibrant hue, ensuring high visibility and brand recognition. This design subtly refines the previous elements to maintain brand continuity while emphasizing the quality and reliability associated with Coleman’s products. The layout remains rectangular, focusing on a clean and straightforward aesthetic.