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Sears established Craftsman, a renowned American tool brand, to offer a wide range of quality, affordable tools originating from the United States. The brand gained popularity for its hand tools, power tools, and lawn and garden equipment, catering to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Known for durability and innovation, Craftsman’s tools have become a staple in garages and workshops across America. The brand symbolizes reliability and American craftsmanship, appealing to those who value quality and functionality in their tools.

Meaning and history

Craftsman Logo history

Craftsman, an iconic American tool brand, was founded in 1927. It originated in the United States, aiming to provide affordable, quality tools. The brand quickly became popular for its durable hand and power tools. Craftsman also expanded into lawn and garden equipment, broadening its market reach. Known for reliability, the brand catered to professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired Craftsman from Sears. This acquisition marked a new chapter, expanding Craftsman’s distribution channels.

Craftsman continues to innovate, maintaining its legacy in the tool industry. The brand is synonymous with American craftsmanship, appealing to those who value quality and practicality. Craftsman’s journey reflects a commitment to durability, innovation, and accessibility in the tool market.

What is Craftsman?
Craftsman stands as a hallmark of American heritage, celebrated for its comprehensive suite of robust tools and machinery. Birthed in 1927, this emblematic marque has woven itself into the fabric of quality assurance. It presents an array of steadfast hand implements, electric devices, and yard maintenance apparatuses, serving the seasoned tradesperson and the home tinkerer alike. Embedded within the ethos of the United States’ artisanal spirit and ingenuity, Craftsman epitomizes the steadfastness and superior calibre that are the benchmarks of the tool-making realm.

1928 – 1930s

Craftsman Logo 1928

The logo depicts the word “CRAFTSMAN” in bold, uppercase letters, centered within an elongated oval. The letters are red, set against a striking white background, creating a vivid contrast. “TOOLS” is inscribed below in a smaller font, signifying the brand’s specialization. The entire black oval is outlined in red, enhancing its prominence. This design conveys a sense of strength and reliability, reflective of the brand’s reputation in the tool industry. The color scheme and simplicity of the logo make it instantly recognizable, symbolizing Craftsman’s commitment to quality and durability in their products.


Craftsman Logo 1930

This rendition of the Craftsman logo features a rectangular backdrop with rounded corners, distinct from the previous oval. The brand name “CRAFTSMAN” is boldly emblazoned in a serif font, colored a deep maroon against a yellow field. This version eschews additional text for tools, focusing solely on the brand name, which implies a broader identity. The yellow and maroon palette gives a nod to craftsmanship with a vintage appeal, while the font choice adds a classic touch to the modern design.

1960s – 1970s

Craftsman Logo 1960s

In this evolution of the Craftsman logo, the design takes on a more mechanical aesthetic, reflecting the outline of a saw blade. The color scheme shifts to a stark black, white, and red, enhancing visual impact. “CRAFTSMAN” is prominently displayed in bold, sans-serif, red letters, centered within a white, beveled rectangle with a black border. Below, “MADE IN U.S.A.” is proudly declared, emphasizing the brand’s American heritage. The saw blade silhouette adds a rugged, hands-on feel, aligning with the brand’s tool-oriented identity. This design communicates a blend of traditional values and robust functionality, befitting a leading toolmaker.

1970s – Today

Craftsman Logo 1970s

The logo shifts to a minimalist approach, embracing a clean, modern look. Gone are the saw blade contours, replaced with a sleek, rectangular border. Stark white lettering against a bold red background ensures high visibility. The addition of a registered trademark symbol signifies brand maturity and legal ownership. The design’s simplicity suggests a modern era of branding, focusing on clear, easy-to-recognize visuals. This logo underscores the brand’s confidence and straightforward approach to its craft.

2015 – Today

Craftsman logo

The logo transitions to a metallic shield-like emblem, a departure from the previous rectangular design. It features a bold “C” in a three-dimensional silver and red palette, evoking a sense of strength and resilience. The use of metallic gradients and a hexagonal shape projects a more futuristic and industrial image. The “TM” symbol indicates trademark status, showcasing brand evolution and legal protection. This design choice reflects a forward-thinking, robust identity, resonating with a high-tech era of craftsmanship.