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Deliveroo, founded in 2013 in London, specializes in online food delivery, partnering with premium restaurants that traditionally didn’t offer take-out. The platform, with its recognizable kangaroo logo, operates across over 200 cities in various countries, predominantly in Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Deliveroo streamlines the ordering process, offering users diverse culinary choices right at their doorsteps. The firm has seen significant investments, with Amazon being one of its notable stakeholders. Deliveroo had become an influential player in the global food delivery market, adapting to ever-evolving consumer demands and expanding its reach.

Meaning and history

Deliveroo Logo history

Deliveroo, established by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski in London, emerged from the founders’ desire for more diverse food delivery options in the city. The duo recognized a gap in the market: many high-quality restaurants did not provide delivery services. Leveraging technology, Deliveroo bridged this gap by offering a platform for these establishments to reach customers at home.

The company’s innovative model quickly caught traction. By collaborating with restaurants that lacked in-house delivery systems, they expanded their presence rapidly, initially within the UK and then internationally. The growth was supported by a series of investment rounds. By 2017, Deliveroo had secured hundreds of millions in funding, allowing for even broader expansions.

One of the major shifts in the company’s trajectory came with the introduction of “Editions” in 2017. These were delivery-only kitchens, a concept that permitted restaurants to cater to broader areas without the need for a traditional brick-and-mortar presence. It was an indication of Deliveroo’s commitment to redefining the food delivery landscape.

Deliveroo’s journey wasn’t without challenges. They faced regulatory issues and concerns over the employment status of their riders. The company took steps to offer more security and benefits for riders, although debates around gig economy workers’ rights persisted.

By 2019, the company’s valuation had skyrocketed, and its influence was undeniable. However, the ownership landscape began to shift. Amazon made significant waves in the investment world by announcing a substantial stake in Deliveroo, marking a pivotal moment for the company. While initial regulatory concerns arose around this investment, they were eventually cleared, cementing Amazon’s position as a notable stakeholder.

Deliveroo’s footprint expanded to over 200 cities across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Their recognizable branding, epitomized by the kangaroo logo, became synonymous with quality food delivery in many of these markets.

In 2021, Deliveroo went public on the London Stock Exchange. The IPO was one of London’s biggest, though it faced initial challenges in share pricing. Nonetheless, it underscored Deliveroo’s transformation from a startup to a major player in the food delivery industry.

Summarily, Deliveroo’s story is one of rapid growth, innovation, and adaptability. From its humble London beginnings, the company has navigated changes in ownership, market expansions, and regulatory challenges to establish itself as a global force in food delivery.

2013 – 2016

Deliveroo Logo 2013

Initially, the emblem was crafted by Will Shu alongside his associates, leveraging their combined flair for artistry and digital design. They illustrated an amusing kangaroo clutching a pouch, set against a teal-colored circular backdrop. This sprightly creature aptly represented the swift delivery essence of the service.

Beneath this imagery, the word “DELIVEROO” was prominently displayed. The designers opted for bold, uppercase letters in a jet-black hue, featuring softened edges. Ample gaps between each letter ensured the brand’s name stood out, enhancing its visibility and legibility, further emphasizing the company’s commitment to clarity and straightforward service.

2016 – Today

Deliveroo Logo

Seeking a fresh aesthetic, the company’s leadership approached the renowned branding experts at DesignStudio. To truly encapsulate the essence of Deliveroo, the creative team at the agency embarked on a hands-on journey: they hopped on bicycles and began delivering meals firsthand. This immersion provided invaluable insights into the brand’s core values and direction.

Post this deep dive, the experts recognized the kangaroo’s intrinsic value to the brand identity, cherished by both patrons and the Deliveroo workforce. Rather than discarding it, they revamped its portrayal and introduced innovative typography.

With the formidable task of crafting an emblem suitable for twelve diverse nations, DesignStudio meticulously undertook a semiotic examination. Their objective was to comprehend the varied cultural interpretations the redesigned logo might elicit. The chosen approach leaned towards minimalism, a strategy aimed at eliminating potential cultural nuances or misconceptions. By limiting intricate details, they ensured that the symbol remained universally relatable, minimizing the risk of polarizing perceptions.