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Lalamove, originally known as EasyVan, is an on-demand logistics company founded by Chow Shing Yuk in Hong Kong. Lalamove offers both instant and planned deliveries, using tech to link users with local drivers for various goods. Initially, the platform aimed to enhance local delivery efficiency for businesses and individuals alike. Lalamove has since expanded its reach, operating in multiple countries across Asia and beyond.

Meaning and history

In its inception year, 2013, “EasyVan” emerged, an app to streamline delivery by linking customers with van operators. Swiftly evolving, it adopted the name “Lalamove”, highlighting its commitment to speed and dependability. This enterprise disrupted traditional delivery norms by fusing cutting-edge technology with instantaneous transportation services. By the following year, it had set foot in Singapore, spreading its avant-garde delivery methods. Diving deeper into Asia, Lalamove touched down in Thailand and Vietnam come 2015. Its reach broadened to encompass over a hundred cities by 2017, handling a spectrum of items, from minute packages to bulky furniture. Crossing continental boundaries in 2018, Lalamove initiated operations in Latin America and the U.S., with a keen focus on localizing its services to fit distinct regional demands. Investment waves buoyed its innovation-driven mission, accruing substantial capital. By 2020, Lalamove’s operational footprint had stamped across 21 nations, securing its stature as a logistic heavyweight.

Progressing, its tech arsenal grew sophisticated, offering users transparent, real-time parcel tracking, and versatile route planning. Central to Lalamove’s ethos is delivering a seamless, trustworthy service to a diverse clientele, from burgeoning enterprises to the solo consumer.

What is Lalamove?
Lalamove is a pioneering on-demand logistics service, leveraging technology to connect users with nearby delivery drivers swiftly. Originating in Hong Kong, it revolutionized local transport of goods, catering to both businesses and individual needs with a versatile, user-friendly app.


Lalamove Logo

The logo features a stylized hummingbird in mid-flight, symbolizing speed and agility, outlined in a bold orange hue. The bird’s extended wings convey dynamism, mirroring the swift service Lalamove offers. Adjacent to the bird, the word “LALAMOVE” is presented in capital letters, with a color gradient shifting from a deep orange to a lighter shade. The typeface is modern and sans-serif, emphasizing clarity and efficiency, key attributes of the brand’s identity.