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DPD is a global parcel delivery company providing courier services. It operates in numerous countries, primarily in Europe. GeoPost, a subsidiary of France’s La Poste, owns DPD. DPD focuses on efficient and reliable parcel delivery services for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Meaning and history

DPD Logo history

Dynamic Parcel Distribution, commonly known as DPD, has a rich history of evolution and expansion in the parcel delivery industry.

DPD’s story began in 1977 in Aschaffenburg, Germany, when the company was founded as “Deutscher Paketdienst.” It started with a vision to provide efficient and reliable parcel delivery services. Over the years, DPD expanded its presence and services within Germany.

In the 1990s, DPD began its international expansion. It established subsidiaries and partnerships in various European countries, aiming to create a robust network for cross-border parcel deliveries. This expansion allowed DPD to tap into the growing demand for international shipping services.

In 2001, the French postal service, La Poste, acquired a majority stake in DPD, marking a significant change in ownership. This move strengthened DPD’s financial backing and opened up opportunities for further expansion.

DPD continued to innovate its services, embracing technological advancements to streamline parcel tracking and delivery. The company also focused on sustainability, introducing eco-friendly initiatives and electric vehicles in its fleet.

By the mid-2010s, DPD had become a major player in the European parcel delivery market, providing comprehensive solutions for e-commerce and businesses. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction, efficient operations, and sustainability helped solidify its position.

In recent years, DPD has continued to adapt to the evolving needs of the parcel delivery industry. It has invested in automation, robotics, and green delivery options to enhance its services and reduce its environmental footprint.

Today, DPD is a prominent global parcel delivery company, operating in numerous countries across Europe and beyond. It remains committed to providing reliable and sustainable parcel delivery solutions while adapting to the changing landscape of e-commerce and logistics.

1977 – 2015

DPD Logo 1977

Prior to 2015, the DPD brand featured a logo inherited from its German precursor. The acronym was presented in black uppercase sans-serif letters, positioned to the left. To the right, there was a white cube enclosed by three red lines, with black edges. This three-dimensional geometric shape was a representation of parcel post, illustrating DPD’s core business.

2015 – Today

DPD Logo

In 2015, DPD was integrated into the global DPDgroup network, a part of the restructuring of GeoPost. The rebranding process for the new holding, including its name, logo, and corporate culture, was carried out by Lippincott agency. To better understand the company’s essence, experts analyzed 15 business areas.

A flexible brand positioning was developed to adapt it across all divisions of DPDgroup. Consequently, DPD and Chronopost feature similar emblems: a stylized cube on the left and a dark gray inscription on the right. The German unit incorporates a red polygon, while the French unit uses blue.

The multifaceted emblem symbolizes the connection among different companies within DPDgroup. Shaped as a hexagon with two deep notches on either side, white lines add dimension, emphasizing that it’s a cube and not a flat 2D object.

The logo also draws associations with parcels, signifying DPD’s core business. Resembling a box or crate, this reflects the primary cargo of an express carrier. While the new logo retains elements from the previous one, Lippincott made visible modifications to signify a pragmatic approach. The evolved cube pays homage to Deutscher Paketdienst’s tradition while embracing the future of Dynamic Parcel Distribution.