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Enterprise Rent A Car stands as a notable figure in the car rental industry. Jack Taylor founded this company in St. Louis, Missouri. He aimed to fulfill the growing need for temporary transportation. Initially, it served those requiring a replacement vehicle while their own was under repair. Over time, Enterprise expanded its horizon, catering to various mobility needs including leisure and business travel.

Meaning and History

Enterprise Rent A Car Logo history

Enterprise Rent A Car, established in 1957, quickly differentiated itself by focusing on the replacement car market. This strategy, innovative at the time, catapulted Enterprise from a local business to a global enterprise. Key milestones include the introduction of the Enterprise brand in the 1960s, major geographic expansion in the 1970s and 1980s, and the launch of its online booking system in the late 1990s. These steps underscored its commitment to accessibility and customer service, contributing to its reputation as a leader in the car rental sector.

What is Enterprise Rent A Car?
Enterprise Rent A Car is a global car rental company known for its extensive network and commitment to customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of vehicles to meet various transportation needs, from compact cars for city trips to larger vehicles for family vacations. With a focus on convenience and service, Enterprise has become a go-to choice for renters seeking reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

1957 – 1967

Executive Leasing Company Logo 1957

The logo presents a dynamic, retro design rooted in mid-century aesthetics. An elliptical, coral-hued ring encircles the name “Executive Leasing Company.” Inside, the freehand-style script exhibits a casual flair, suggesting approachability and personalized service. The phrase “Automobile Leasing” crowns the top in a smaller, sans-serif type, while “All Makes and Models” anchors the bottom, promising variety. The entire composition evokes a sense of the bygone era of tailfins and optimism in automotive progress.

1967 – 1969

Executive Leasing Company Logo 1967

The evolution of the logo ushers in a modern, minimalist era. It features a stylized ‘E’ encapsulated within a square, employing a bold, olive-green shade. The ‘E’ is abstract, composed of three parallel lines, symbolizing roads or a journey — aligning with the automotive theme. Beneath, the company name “EXECUTIVE LEASING” is spelled out in stark, black, sans-serif letters. The design eschews the earlier logo’s ornamental elements, embracing a cleaner, more corporate look that signifies efficiency and professionalism. This change reflects a shift towards a broader, more streamlined business approach.

1967 – 1969

Executive Rent A Car Logo 1967

This rendition of the logo introduces a vibrant, sun-kissed yellow square backdrop, instilling a sense of energy and warmth. The ‘E’ symbol remains constant, maintaining the visual link to the company’s core identity. However, the company’s name has evolved to “EXECUTIVE RENT-A-CAR”, explicitly communicating the nature of the business. The typeface of the company name is uniform, employing clean lines and sans-serif letters, which enhances readability and projects a modern, straightforward brand image. This transition signifies a strategic rebranding, emphasizing the car rental aspect of the business.

1969 – 1971

Enterprise Leasing Logo 1969

In this logo, the design simplifies further, adopting a crisp forest green and white color palette. The emblem retains the ‘E’ motif, now positioned within a smaller green square, signaling a tighter focus. “ENTERPRISE LEASING” replaces the previous wording, aligned to the right, with the typeface offering a more structured, bold character presentation. This iteration reflects a sharper brand identity and a pivot towards a more consolidated and corporate image, perhaps indicating a maturation in the company’s branding strategy and market positioning. The streamlined design conveys a sense of established confidence and professionalism.

1971 – 1995

Enterprise Rent A Car Logo 1971

Transitioning to a bold contrast of black and white, the logo now emphasizes the name “ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CAR”. The ‘E’ graphic is encased in a square, creating a strong, recognizable icon. The typeface of the name is robust and commanding, reflecting a more assertive and confident brand. This change signifies a focus on the rental aspect, possibly indicating an expansion or a shift in the company’s primary services. The registered trademark symbol next to the ‘E’ denotes the brand’s established status and trademark registration. The entire logo radiates a more contemporary and authoritative presence.

1995 – 2007

Enterprise Rent A Car Logo 1995

The logo now incorporates the slogan “Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up.®” underlining the customer service focus of the brand. The color scheme reverts to the familiar green, symbolizing growth and a nod to the company’s roots. The ‘E’ emblem and the “Enterprise” name are now part of a unified green block, enhancing brand cohesion. “rent-a-car” appears in a black bar, offering a strong visual contrast. The typographic hierarchy is clear, with “Enterprise” more prominent, reflecting its dominance in the brand identity. This design iteration communicates a promise of service and convenience, underscored by the comforting assurance of the tagline.

2007 – Today

Enterprise Rent A Car Logo

In this logo iteration, the slogan is removed, bringing a cleaner and more classic aesthetic to the forefront. The two-tone color block, green and black, remains, yet now it presents a more balanced, rectangular form. “Enterprise” is the sole word, spotlighting the brand’s identity, with the “e” connected to the graphic ‘E’ symbol, suggesting continuity and unity. The simplicity of the design aligns with modern branding trends: sleek, direct, and uncluttered, emphasizing the company’s name as a standalone beacon of its market presence. The registered trademark symbol persists, marking the logo’s established intellectual property status.