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GNC stands for General Nutrition Centers. David Shakarian launched the brand. He started it in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally, it aimed to provide healthy foods and supplements. The idea was to support people’s health and wellness. Shakarian began with a small store, expanding due to growing demand. Today, GNC is a global leader in nutritional supplements.

Meaning and History

GNC Logo history

David Shakarian opened the first GNC store in 1935. Initially, the store offered wholesome foods like yogurt and honey. By the 1960s, it had evolved to include vitamins and minerals. In 1984, GNC began franchising, allowing rapid expansion. In the 1990s, GNC’s focus shifted to sports nutrition and diet supplements. This change responded to increasing fitness awareness. GNC’s growth continued into the new millennium, embracing e-commerce and global markets.

What is GNC?
GNC is a retailer specializing in health and nutrition related products. This includes vitamins, supplements, minerals, and various diet aids. It aims to improve the health and wellness of its customers.

1963 – 1965

GNC Logo 1963

The logo presents a bold, black text “GENERAL NUTRITION” framing a central box with the acronym “GNC”. The box’s edges are sharp, encapsulating “GNC” in a contrasting, smaller font. The design conveys a straightforward, no-nonsense brand identity, emphasizing a focus on comprehensive wellness and health. The use of capital letters throughout suggests strength and reliability, fundamental attributes for a company in the health sector.

1965 – 1969

GNC Logo 1965

The evolution in the logo adds “CENTERS” to “GENERAL NUTRITION”, clarifying the brand’s scope. The “GNC” acronym now occupies a rounded rectangle, suggesting approachability. While the font for “GENERAL NUTRITION CENTERS” remains bold and assertive, the inclusion of “CENTERS” in the same weighty font emphasizes the brand’s authoritative stance in the health sector. This subtle but significant change enhances the logo’s depth, mirroring the brand’s expansion and solidified presence.

1969 – 1978

GNC Logo 1969

The iteration simplifies the logo, spotlighting the “GNC” acronym inside a bold, rounded square. The typeface is thicker, signaling robustness. Absent are any additional words, a move that streamlines the brand’s visual identity. The rounded edges of the letters echo the container’s shape, creating harmony. This design choice may reflect a strategic shift towards a more iconic, succinct brand representation, aiming for instant recognition in the health supplement market.

1978 – 1986

GNC Logo 1978

In this rendition, the logo reintroduces the full name “General Nutrition Centers” next to the acronym “GNC”. The “GNC” appears prominently in a black box, with the full name set in a lighter font weight, stretching out alongside it. The design balances the brand’s abbreviation with its complete title, reaffirming its identity while maintaining visual cohesion. The overall look is sleek and modern, signaling a brand evolution while retaining its foundational identity. This duality in design caters to both brand recognition and informational clarity.


GNC Logo 1986

The logo showcases “GNC” in a dominant, black font with the “N” distinctively stylized to incorporate a human figure with raised arms. The figure symbolizes vitality and health. To the right, “General Nutrition Centers” is spelled out, grounding the emblem with a clear, informative touch.

1986 – 1989

GNC Logo 19861

This logo sports a futuristic flair with “GNC” enveloped in a stylized capsule-like design. “General Nutrition Centers” is neatly tucked within the horizontal axis of the capsule, maintaining a streamlined look. This graphic iteration suggests a forward-thinking, innovative company, aligning with the scientific aspect of nutrition and supplements. The continuous line connecting the letters signifies unity and a holistic approach to health. The bold, sans-serif typeface communicates modernity and accessibility.

1989 – 1994

GNC Logo 1989

The GNC logo features bold, black uppercase letters that are tightly spaced, conveying a modern and professional look. “GENERAL NUTRITION CENTERS” is stated clearly below in a smaller, elongated font, ensuring brand recognition and emphasizing a specialized focus. The design projects authority and expertise in the health supplement industry.

1994 – 2000

GNC Logo 1994

In this evolution of the GNC logo, the font has been updated for a more contemporary feel. The “GNC” letters are now solid and connected, suggesting unity and strength. Below, the phrase “GENERAL NUTRITION CENTERS” adopts a more streamlined font, enhancing readability and modernity. The logo’s new typography reflects a sleek, forward-thinking brand identity.

2000 – Today

GNC Logo

The new logo introduces vibrant red, a departure from the previous black. “GNC” is more streamlined, bold, and direct. Below, “LIVE WELL” replaces “GENERAL NUTRITION CENTERS”, signaling a shift to a more dynamic, lifestyle-oriented branding. This slogan emphasizes a proactive approach to health, reflecting a mission to inspire a holistic, healthy way of life. The color red is often associated with energy and passion, aligning with the brand’s revitalized focus on vitality and wellness.