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Head Sport is a global manufacturer and distributor of premium sports equipment, founded in 1950 by Howard Head in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Head Sport GmbH first revolutionized the ski industry with metal laminated skis and then branched out into tennis, swimming, and more, spotlighting technology and innovation. Renowned globally, Head boosts athletic prowess and comfort for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Meaning and history

Head Logo history

Head Sport GmbH embarked on its journey in 1950, founded by Howard Head. It started with innovative metal skis, a game-changer. By 1969, Head sold to AMF, diversifying products. The 1980s saw a shift to Austria for ski production, marking a new chapter. In 1989, Minstar acquired Head, spotlighting tennis gear. Come 1997, Head became a standalone entity, listed on the NYSE. The 2000s saw expansions: diving into swimwear and acquiring Penn tennis balls.

Ownership transitions reflected growth, innovation, and a broadened sports horizon. Head’s legacy thrives, blending tradition with modernity, always pushing boundaries.

What is Head Sport GmbH?
Head Sport GmbH stands as a pioneering force in the sports equipment arena, initially making waves with its revolutionary metal skis in 1950. It merges cutting-edge technology with sports science to equip athletes across skiing, tennis, and swimming, continually setting new benchmarks for performance and innovation.

1950 – 2000s

Head Logo 1950

The logo features a minimalist, yet bold design, encapsulating a stylized portrayal of the brand name “HEAD”. Dominating the visual is a large, arch-like figure, reminiscent of a mountain or an abstract representation of a ski slope, with a solitary dot positioned at the peak. Below this, the brand name is spelled out in stark, solid capital letters, offering a stark contrast to the arch above. The typography is straightforward, strong, and unadorned, conveying a sense of reliability and professionalism.

2000s – Today

Head Logo

In this iteration of the HEAD logo, the abstract mountain-like arch curves more prominently, suggesting dynamism. The solitary dot, potentially a stylized skier or ball, is now cradled by the arch’s peak, implying motion or a focal point of activity. The brand’s name, “HEAD”, maintains its bold presence beneath the arch, with stark, angular letters that command attention. The consistency of the font size in the brand name conveys stability. The overall design encapsulates a sense of movement and precision, central to the brand’s identity in sports.