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Husqvarna, a Swedish powerhouse, is renowned for its expertise in outdoor power products. Focused on manufacturing high-quality chainsaws, lawn mowers, and robotic mowers, it caters primarily to forestry, gardening, and construction sectors. Its global presence is marked by strong sales in Europe and North America.  Renowned for innovation, Husqvarna consistently integrates cutting-edge technology into its products.

Meaning and history

Husqvarna Logo history

Tracing its roots back to a small town in Sweden, Husqvarna’s origin story begins in 1689 as a royal armory. From this martial beginning, the company embarked on a remarkable evolution. In the late 1800s, it branched into peaceful domains, introducing sewing machines in 1872 and later expanded to bicycles and motorcycles.

The post-World War II era marked a pivotal shift. Steering away from its diverse portfolio, Husqvarna honed its focus on outdoor power products, launching its first chainsaw in 1959. This strategic pivot heralded a new chapter, positioning it as a frontrunner in garden and forest equipment.

The latter half of the 20th century witnessed significant ownership changes. The acquisition by Electrolux in 1978 expanded Husqvarna’s global footprint. In 2006, a corporate spin-off led to Husqvarna’s independent listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, a move that further defined its modern identity.

Embracing the 21st century, Husqvarna integrated cutting-edge technology into its products, notably pioneering in the field of robotic lawn mowers. Husqvarna stands as a testament to strategic evolution and innovation, a journey from royal armory to a global leader in outdoor equipment, continually adapting to the ever-changing landscape of consumer needs.

What is Husqvarna?
Husqvarna, with its origins in a 17th-century Swedish armory, has transformed into a global leader in outdoor power tools. Renowned for its innovative lawn mowers, chainsaws, and robotic mowers, the company blends a rich history with cutting-edge technology, catering to both professional and domestic gardening needs.

1689 – Today

Husqvarna Logo 1689

The logo was historically used as a mark of craftsmanship and provenance on firearms, specifically muskets. The iconic design served as a quality seal, signifying that the weapon originated from the renowned armory of Husqvarna in Sweden. The bold, graphic nature of the emblem assured users of the weapon’s reliability and the manufacturer’s esteemed reputation. The three-pronged figure, resembling a gun sight, subtly linked the logo to its martial origins, while the central void might have represented precision. This emblem is a storied piece of branding, connecting Husqvarna’s historic armament legacy to its present-day identity.

1912 – 1973

Husqvarna Logo 1912

The logo presents a regal touch with the brand name ‘Husqvarna’ in bold, block letters and a detailed emblem featuring a crown. In contrast to the previous minimalistic logo, this one is text-heavy and ornate, with the emblem showcasing an intricate ‘H’ encased in a circle, capped by a royal crown, symbolizing its historic roots and long-standing reputation. This design communicates tradition and legacy, reflecting the brand’s evolution while maintaining its core identity. The contrast between the two underscores Husqvarna’s journey from a historic brand to a contemporary icon.

1973 – Today

Husqvarna Logo 1973

This modern Husqvarna logo showcases a clean, bold typeface paired with an emblem of a stylized ‘H’ crowned by three vertical lines, suggesting a castle battlement. The design is a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional, with the ‘H’ emblem encased in a shield shape, linking it to the brand’s heritage. The use of a single, solid blue color imparts a sense of reliability and professionalism. This contrasts with the previous logos, moving from complex and ornate to sleek and modern, reflecting the company’s evolution and its commitment to modernity while honoring its storied past. The streamlined design of this logo is tailored for easy recognition and reflects the efficiency and precision of Husqvarna’s products.

2012 – Today

Husqvarna Logo

The logo presents a refined, contemporary design with the ‘Husqvarna Group’ text in a clean, sans-serif typeface. Above it sits a stylized emblem, with the ‘H’ enclosed within a shield topped with a three-point design, evoking a crown or castle turrets, signaling a connection to strength and heritage. The subdued color palette suggests reliability and professionalism. This design is a subtle evolution from the previous logo, maintaining the shield and ‘H’ motif but streamlining the elements for a more modern corporate identity. It speaks to the group’s expansion and unity while preserving the essence of its brand history. The minimalist approach of this iteration reflects a brand confident in its legacy and its path forward.