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Insta360 is a brand known for innovative camera technology. They focus on 360-degree cameras. It was founded by JK Liu. The company began in Shenzhen, China. Their goal was to revolutionize the way people capture and share their surroundings.

Meaning and history

Insta360 began its journey in 2015. Since then, it has introduced a series of 360-degree cameras that have shifted the landscape of video and photo technology. The launch of their first product marked a pivotal point in camera technology. Over the years, they have released multiple versions, each enhancing the user experience with new features and improved quality. Their cameras have become essential tools for virtual reality creators, adventurous travelers, and tech enthusiasts looking to capture expansive, immersive content.

What is Insta360?
Insta360 is a tech company that specializes in creating 360-degree cameras. These cameras allow users to capture everything around them in high definition. Their products are popular among professionals and hobbyists who seek to create immersive and interactive visual content.

2015 – Today

Insta360 Logo

The logo depicts the brand name “Insta360” in a clean, bold sans-serif font. The “Insta” portion is written in lowercase, offering a friendly, accessible vibe. The “360” follows in uppercase, emphasizing the full-range capability of their cameras. Adjacent to the text is an abstract camera lens design. The lens circles back on itself, symbolizing the 360-degree field of vision. The entire logo is monochromatic, ensuring versatility and clear visibility across various mediums. It is a modern, straightforward design that communicates the essence of the brand’s focus on comprehensive photographic experiences.