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Just Eat is a prominent food delivery service operating in multiple countries. The company connects customers with a vast array of local restaurants, enabling them to easily order meals online or through the app. Just Eat operates in key markets including Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Meaning and history

Just Eat Logo history

Founded in 2000 in Denmark, Just Eat emerged as a pioneering idea to connect customers with local restaurants through an online platform. It sought to revolutionize the way people order food, making it more convenient and diverse.

In its early days, Just Eat focused on European expansion. By 2005, the platform was introduced to the UK market, a move that would anchor its dominance in the online food delivery sector. Riding on its UK success, the company embarked on a series of expansions and acquisitions across Europe, including countries like Italy, France, and Spain.

2014 was a landmark year for Just Eat as it went public on the London Stock Exchange, underscoring its growth trajectory and market acceptance. This IPO gave it the financial muscle to pursue more aggressive global expansion strategies.

The following years saw Just Eat bolstering its presence through various acquisitions. They aimed not only to enter new markets but also to consolidate and stave off competition in the existing ones. Companies like Menulog in Australia and SkipTheDishes in Canada were brought under the Just Eat umbrella.

However, the food delivery industry began to get crowded, and challenges arose. New competitors, armed with significant venture capital, started to put pressure on Just Eat. In response, the company continued its strategic acquisitions and partnerships, ensuring it maintained a strong market presence.

In a transformative move, Just Eat merged with Takeaway.com in 2020. This merger birthed one of the world’s largest online food delivery platforms, Just Eat Takeaway.com. This combined entity further solidified its position in Europe and opened avenues to compete more effectively on the global stage.

Ownership dynamics changed, but the company’s core mission remained consistent: providing a diverse range of food choices to customers at their doorstep. The constant evolution of Just Eat, from a modest Danish startup to a global giant, is a testament to its adaptability and vision in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

2001 – 2009

Just Eat Logo 2001

Up until 2009, the Just Eat emblem showcased the company name accompanied by an animated figure’s face adorned with a chef’s cap. This face, outlined in deep maroon, bore a resemblance to a circular loaf, with its eye fashioned like an inverted comma. This feature was encapsulated in a sun-hued ellipse, slightly leaning towards the left. This ellipse strategically rested atop the word “Just,” nestled between the upright sections of the “J” and “t.”

A subtle line demarcated the two words. The typography was a distinct design, possessing sharp or seriffed nuances in many characters. Notably, the “s” mirrored a flipped and upside-down “c.” Every symbol was tinted in a deep burgundy hue, bordered by a golden-orange streak. This bordering served as the sole point of distinction, given the absence of space between the characters. This design reflected a playful yet recognizable branding approach, making it distinctive in the competitive landscape.

2009 – 2011

Just Eat Logo 2009

The initial emblem was a straightforward text rendered in a bespoke typeface. Sans-serif in design, its flowing contours seamlessly melded, evoking a feeling of reliability towards the enterprise. Every angle of the characters was soft and curved, with uniform terminations. The script was adorned in a ruby hue, complemented by a golden-yellow trim. Uniquely, a dash (-) nestled between the terms “Just” and “Eat.” This particular design choice stood out, as it was the singular instance of its use. This emblem not only represented the brand’s identity but also subtly conveyed its commitment to quality and trustworthiness in its services.

2011 – 2014

Just Eat Logo 2011

In the 2011 rebranding phase, the firm underwent a transformative change in its visual identity. The updated emblem now featured bold, expansive white lettering bordered by a robust crimson outline. Every character was capitalized and seamlessly interlinked by an encompassing ribbon. Notably, the letter “A” deviated from its conventional design, housing a petite directional arrow reminiscent of digital displays. This tweak not only amplified the emblem’s distinctiveness but also hinted at the enterprise’s tech-forward approach. These modifications symbolized the brand’s steadfastness and trustworthiness, painting a picture of an online platform dedicated to facilitating food orders with ease and assurance.

2014 – 2016

Just Eat Logo 2014

In the latest rendition, the design team opted for a more pronounced use of the crimson hue, expanding its presence substantially. The peripheral band was reimagined as a continuous, curved-edged rectangle, encapsulating the name of the food dispatch service. The creatives maintained the integrity of the character “A”, preserving its signature arrow-pointer feature. This deliberate decision underlined the brand’s commitment to consistency and its nod to the digital realm, ensuring the emblem remained recognizable while also showcasing the evolving design aesthetics of the organization. Through these subtle yet impactful changes, the brand effectively conveyed its modernity and dedication to user-centric services.

2016 – 2020

Just Eat Logo 2016

The 2016 modifications ushered in a more minimalist design for the logo. The decision-makers endorsed a variant featuring slanted script crafted in a refined, svelte sans-serif style. A switch in color scheme was evident, with the backdrop and textual hues trading places. As a result, the badge presented itself as ruby-hued lettering set against a pristine white canvas. This evolution reflected the brand’s journey towards a contemporary and clean aesthetic, ensuring that it resonated with the evolving preferences of its audience while maintaining its core values and identity. The transition was a testament to the company’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

2020 – Today

Just Eat Logo

In 2020, the company underwent a profound transformation in its visual identity. The merger of Just Eat with Takeaway Com birthed an emblem dominated by vibrant orange hues. The innovative design showcased a house outline, ingeniously incorporating a fork and spoon within its negative space. Adjacently positioned to the right, the words “Just Eat” stand out, retaining their original design aesthetics. This evolution not only encapsulated the essence of both brands but also conveyed their united front, emphasizing convenience, home dining, and the continuation of a legacy that has been well-received by loyal customers and newcomers alike.