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Lee Kennedy is a company owned by Lee Michael Kennedy and his brother. They received the business from their father. The services provided by Lee Kennedy include the design of a building, including all the technical aspects and safety, and management of the whole construction project. Lee Kennedy is actively using the latest computer technologies introduced in the construction industry. They are continuously researching what is being developed and how these new tools can benefit and add value to their projects. By using these tools, they are able to improve quality and be more efficient to make the final result perfect.

Meaning and History

Lee Kennedy is a company that takes care of construction projects from start to finish. It takes on very complicated projects and works with large companies well known across the world since 1978 when the father of Lee Michael Kennedy and his brother Gene has created this company. Lee Kennedy is also big on using modern technology to create visual design and construction models to be used to develop the preconstruction projects and get them approved, as well as use these tools to cut costs and maximize work efficiency.

What is Lee Kennedy?

This is a construction company that provides a full range of services. These include design and planning of the whole work on paper as well as design build projects and overseeing the project from start to finish. This company has done a wide range of projects from restoring historical buildings to creating corporate interiors and building residential, hospitality, and retail complexes.

1978 – Today

Lee Kennedy Logo

The logo designed to represent this construction company is very simple, yet professional and memorable. It features a letter “K”, which stands for the last name of the company owners. It is drawn using clean, straight lines and has a very geometrical look, which is very appropriate for a company that deals with geometry on an everyday basis. The letter is created from two elements: a marsala color vertical long rectangle and a yellow arrow that is pointing left. The letter is accompanied by the full name of the company, which is written using the same clean lines and the marsala color. The name is either positioned to the right of the large “K” or right underneath it in such a way that its length matches the width of the letter. In the latter case, the emblem is accompanied by the company’s slogan, which is added right under the name in a smaller font.