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The Los Angeles Kings is a professional ice hockey team based in Los Angeles, California. A business entrepreneur established the team to expand the National Hockey League into non-traditional ice hockey markets. They formed the team in the city known for Hollywood. The primary goal was to introduce and solidify professional ice hockey in Southern California.

Meaning and history

Los Angeles Kings Logo history

The Los Angeles Kings officially became a part of the National Hockey League in 1967. Their creation was part of a six-team expansion aimed at bringing hockey to the West Coast. Notably, in 2012 and 2014, the Kings won their first and second Stanley Cup championships, respectively. These victories are significant milestones that marked their presence as a competitive force within the league. The team’s colors and logos have evolved over the years, reflecting changes in ownership and shifts in team identity.

What is Los Angeles Kings?
The Los Angeles Kings are an American professional ice hockey franchise. They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Pacific Division in the Western Conference. Their games are a major sporting attraction in Los Angeles.

1967 – 1975

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1967

The logo of the Los Angeles Kings features a regal purple shield outlined in gold. At its center, a detailed gold crown adorned with purple jewels and a cross on top dominates the design. The word “KINGS” in bold, purple letters arches over the crown. The overall design symbolizes royalty and grandeur, fitting for a team named the Kings. The use of purple and gold pays homage to a noble and majestic aesthetic, common in royal imagery.

1975 – 1987

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1975

This updated logo of the Los Angeles Kings presents a more dynamic appearance than its predecessor. The “KINGS” text now features a striking streak effect, suggesting speed and motion, likely symbolizing the agility and quickness of hockey. The crown, reduced in size, sits neatly at the base of the logo, emphasizing the text above. The shield shape remains, but its lines are cleaner and the color scheme of purple and gold continues, ensuring brand consistency while refreshing its look for a modern appeal.

1987 – 1988

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1987

In this version of the Los Angeles Kings logo, the color scheme shifts to a monochrome palette, contrasting the previous purple and gold. The shield and lettering now appear in a stark black and silver, introducing a sleek, modern vibe. The streak effect on the “KINGS” text remains, enhancing the sense of movement and energy. The crown retains its detailed design but is recolored to match the new scheme, unifying the logo’s overall aesthetic with a more contemporary and bold look.

1988 – 1998

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1988

The Los Angeles Kings logo has undergone another redesign, this time adopting a more geometric shape. The color scheme remains a striking black, silver, and white, maintaining the team’s modern and sleek identity. The “KINGS” text continues to sport the streak effect, placed more prominently across the center. The crown, while still a central element, is smaller and placed at the bottom, emphasizing the team’s name above it.

1998 – 2002

Los Angeles Kings Logo 1998

This iteration of the Los Angeles Kings logo significantly transforms its aesthetic with a complex and detailed design. The logo introduces a shield backdrop featuring crossed hockey sticks and a knight figure, symbolizing combat and valor. The “LA” monogram appears above, and the team name “KINGS” is boldly emblazoned on a banner at the bottom. Elements like the crown and a radiant star enhance the theme of royalty and ambition. The color scheme of deep blue and silver maintains a sleek, modern feel, giving the logo a vibrant and dynamic look.

2002 – 2011

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2002

This logo for the Los Angeles Kings streamlines into a focused design featuring only a crown. The crown’s complexity is reduced compared to earlier versions, adopting a stylized, modern look with sharp, geometric lines. It incorporates a blend of blue and silver, enhanced by graphic elements like rays and stars that suggest radiance and regal power. The cross at the top centralizes above the crown, symbolizing unity and leadership. This design shift marks a minimalist approach, focusing solely on royal imagery without additional text or figures.

2011 – 2019

Los Angeles Kings Logo 2011

The Los Angeles Kings logo adopts a bold, minimalist design. It prominently features the initials “LA” in large, block letters at the top, emphasizing the team’s city. Below, a small, stylized crown sits neatly, maintaining the royal theme but with subtlety. The overall shield shape is retained, now streamlined with sharp, clean lines. This design focuses on a stark black and white color scheme, conveying simplicity and a modern, urban edge. The logo’s simplification marks a significant shift towards a more contemporary and impactful visual identity.

2019 – Today

Los Angeles Kings Logo

The current Los Angeles Kings logo refines its predecessor’s design, enhancing its sleek, modern aesthetics. The “LA” letters are now more prominently bold and occupy the top half of the shield, creating a stronger visual focus on the city’s initials. The crown below these letters is intricately detailed yet compact, reinforcing the regal theme in a subtle manner. This logo retains the monochromatic color scheme of black, white, and silver, delivering a clean, professional look that reflects the team’s enduring identity and connection to Los Angeles.