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Luxottica is an Italian group of brands engaged in the eyewear industry and based in Milan. They produce various sunglasses, spectacle framings, and lenses under the luxury labels such as Costa, Ray-Ban, Persol, and others. Luxottica is the world’s largest business in this industry, controlling all of its supply chain activities from designing and manufacturing glasses’ components to distributing the product across the market through various subsidiaries. Because of this, the organization has periodically been named a monopoly.

Meaning and history

Leonardo Del Vecchio incorporated Luxottica in Agordo, Italian Province of Belluno, in 1961. Its name refers to ‘luce’ (light) and ‘ottica’ (optics), a perfect word game for the optics company. Initially, it was an enterprise specializing in parts and supplements for glasses. Then, his company started manufacturing full-set glasses, expanding its range of activities and taking over the entire production process. In 1971, Luxottica released its first self-branded eyewear collection.

Three years after Luxottica buys Scarrone S.p.A, a large eyeglasses distributor in Italy, therefore starting a course on vertical integration. This practice led the business to international success when it opened its premier sub-company in Germany in 1981.

Throughout the years to come, the party worked the way to the title of the globe’s most considerable marquee of eyeglasses, purchasing independent distributors and optical manufacturers or opening factories globally. Luxottica also signed partnership and licensing agreements with Georgio Armani, Chanel, Prada, and further companies, which helped the firm market its products very well.

What is Luxottica?
Luxottica is a company-manufacturer of optical products, founded in 1961 and based in Milan. Being the world’s most influential eyewear company, Luxottica controls all activities in its supply chain, including the design, production, and marketing of high-end glasses, lenses, prescription frames, and spectacle frames through various subsidiaries.

1961 – today

Luxottica Group S.p.A. Logo

The official logotype of Luxottica shows a text caption written in a custom uppercase font with bold letterforms with no serifs.


Luxottica Group S.p.A. Symbol

Probably, Luxottica has one of the most peculiar wordmarks of all due to its custom typeface, with the letters smoothly merging and forming combined symbols. For example, the second character, ‘u’, is downsized and placed upper than the other characters. It’s joined with the following ‘x’ at the upper tip of this letter. Moreover, the two letters ‘t’ share a single upper bar that also replaces the dot of the ‘i’. Finally, the ‘c’ links to the lower end of the following letter ‘a’, which has lost its central line and is tilted.


Luxottica Group S.p.A. Emblem

The color code of the Luxottica logotype includes dark blue and white, whereas blue paints the inscription. In marketing, this color reflects pureness, trustworthiness, and openness. Sometimes, the company puts its nameplate colored white on a blue background.