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Marlboro is a renowned global brand of cigarettes, initially crafted to appeal to women but later rebranded to target men with its iconic “Marlboro Man” imagery. Created by Philip Morris USA in the early 20th century, its inception took place in the United States. The brand was designed to offer a filtered smoking option, distinguishing itself with a unique flavor blend. Over decades, Marlboro has become synonymous with American tobacco culture, evolving into a symbol of rugged individualism and outdoor adventure.

Meaning and history

Marlboro Logo history

Marlboro started in the 1920s, targeting women with a mild smoke. Philip Morris, the creator, launched it in the USA. The iconic “Marlboro Man” shifted its image to rugged masculinity in the 1950s. This rebrand aimed at men skyrocketed its popularity. Filtered cigarettes were its unique sell, setting it apart. Over years, Marlboro became a symbol of adventure and freedom. Its marketing genius made it a global tobacco giant. Despite controversies over health, it remains a top seller. Marlboro’s journey reflects shifts in society and advertising mastery. Its legacy is complex, blending allure with health debates.

What is Marlboro?
Marlboro, a symbol etched in the annals of tobacco history, represents a journey from genteel femininity to rugged masculinity through its transformative marketing saga. This brand, birthed by Philip Morris, has navigated the tides of societal norms and health debates, emerging as a beacon of American smoking culture with its distinctive red and white packaging.

1924 – 1955

Marlboro Logo 1924

Engraved in an ornate, ribbon-like banner, the word “MARLBORO” stands proudly in bold, serif capitals, conveying a timeless elegance. Below, “CIGARETTES” is inscribed in a smaller, understated font, offering a stark, humble counterpoint to its grandeur above. The design embodies a classic aesthetic, reminiscent of a bygone era where such flourishes graced the labels of fine goods, suggesting both tradition and quality. The logo’s simplicity in color contrasts sharply with the complexity of its flourishes, creating an iconic visual identity.


Marlboro Logo 1954

This image showcases a vintage Marlboro cigarette pack from 1954. The striking red color immediately catches the eye, while the large, black “Marlboro” lettering in the center commands attention. “Selectrate Filter” is written in red above the brand name, and “Long Size” is printed in black below, specifying the cigarette’s length. A notable feature of this packaging is the thin red banner at the top, a design element specific to Marlboro packs from this era.

1955 – 1959

Marlboro Logo 1959


In this logo evolution, Marlboro introduces a regal crest atop the stark chevron, infusing heritage into its modern design. The crest, adorned with a crown and flanked by mythic beasts, suggests a storied legacy. The “PM” monogram anchors the emblem, symbolizing the parent company, Philip Morris. This blend of contemporary and classical elements speaks to a brand that honors its past while steering towards the future. The logo’s backdrop, textured and tinted with time, adds a tactile dimension to the visual identity.

1955 – 1961

Marlboro Logo 1955-1961

The font employed for the word “Marlboro” is “Marlboro Bold,” a custom typeface created by the Leo Burnett advertising agency in 1954. This font choice is significant as it contributes to the brand’s distinctive visual identity. The bold and robust lettering exudes a sense of masculinity and ruggedness, perfectly aligning with the Marlboro brand image.

The Marlboro logo stands out as a testament to the power of simplicity. The clean white background serves as a canvas for the bold typography, which takes center stage and creates a striking visual impact. The logo’s minimalist design ensures longevity and universal appeal, making it instantly recognizable across diverse cultures and demographics.

1959 – Today

Marlboro Logo 1959

In this updated logo, Marlboro retains the regal crest but cleanses it of any vintage patina for a crisper aesthetic. The emblem is more defined, with the “PM” monogram and lions crisply rendered against the chevron backdrop. The typeface of “Marlboro” beneath is bold and unfettered, speaking to a brand confident in its stature and history. The logo marries minimalist design with symbolic richness.

1961 – 1963

Marlboro Logo 1961

The Marlboro logo falls within the classification of a “wordmark,” signifying a logo built solely on the brand’s name. However, the execution deviates from a standard typeface. Here, “Marlboro” is presented in a striking black script font, where the letters intertwine and flow with elegance. This design approach imbues the logo with a sense of balance and harmony, fostering a feeling of sophistication and a timeless quality.

1977 – Today

Marlboro Logo

The Marlboro logo, with its minimalist design, boasts unparalleled global recognition. It features a single, bold red chevron, a dynamic symbol that speaks volumes. This pointed shape suggests a sense of forward motion, progress, and a hint of defiance. The red color, the brand’s defining characteristic, pulsates with energy and strength, perfectly encapsulating the Marlboro image. It also evokes a sense of passion and excitement, further solidifying the brand’s identity.

Juxtaposed against the vibrant red is the word “Marlboro,” rendered in a stark black. This contrasting color combination ensures optimal readability and creates a striking visual impact. Black, as a contrasting element, adds a touch of sophistication and can also be interpreted as symbolizing purity and freshness.

The brand name’s font selection is as deliberate as the color choices. The logo utilizes a clean and simple typeface with slightly elongated letters. This subtle design twist injects a touch of dynamism and intrigue, making the logo stand out and contributing to its overall memorability.

Overall, the Marlboro logo is a masterclass in brand design. Through carefully chosen colors, a powerful symbol, and a well-considered font, the logo creates a concise, memorable, and easily recognizable image that embodies the Marlboro spirit.