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New Holland stands as a distinguished marque within CNH Industrial’s portfolio, synonymous with a suite of farming machinery that spans the gamut from tractors to balers. Initially birthed from the loins of Ford’s tractor lineage, it blossomed into a cornerstone of CNH Industrial upon the unification of Case IH with New Holland Agriculture at the century’s close in 1999. Celebrated for pioneering advancements in the agrarian domain, New Holland crafts tools that bolster the farmer’s quest for efficiency and yield maximization. Its global manufacturing footprint is a testament to its dedication to catering to the localized necessities of tillers the world over.

Meaning and history

New Holland Logo history

The narrative of New Holland unfolds from a single craftsman’s workspace in 1895, nestled in the heart of New Holland, Pennsylvania. Abe Zimmerman, the visionary behind the brand, initially lent his skills to the agricultural community with bespoke repairs. The brand’s journey took a pivotal turn when Sperry Corporation took the helm in 1947, propelling the range of offerings. A leap in agricultural technology came with the 1964 debut of the haybine mower-conditioner, reshaping hay cultivation. Aligning with Ford in 1986, New Holland’s reach spanned continents. Fiat’s acquisition in 1991 preceded a strategic amalgamation with Case IH, culminating in the establishment of CNH Global in 1999.

What is New Holland?
New Holland is a renowned brand in the agricultural machinery sector, celebrated for its innovative tractors, harvesters, and other farm equipment. Emerging from humble beginnings, it has grown into a global icon in the farming industry, blending tradition with technology to transform agricultural practices.

1895 – 2008

New Holland Logo 1895

The logo captures the essence of New Holland with a stylized leaf-like emblem. These elements converge at a central point, symbolizing unity and the convergence of technology, nature, and agriculture. The use of blue signifies trust, reliability, and commitment, resonating with the brand’s agricultural roots. Below the emblem, the bold, capitalized letters spelling “NEW HOLLAND” affirm the brand’s presence with confidence and clarity.

2008 – Today

New Holland Logo

The updated logo features a bold yellow backdrop, encapsulating the brand’s vitality and its sunny disposition in the agricultural sector. A vibrant blue ribbon at the bottom reads “AGRICULTURE,” explicitly anchoring New Holland to its core industry. The emblem above, a blue leafy motif, now sits confidently against the yellow, symbolizing growth and natural harmony. The typeface is crisp and assertive, projecting New Holland’s authority and expertise in the field of agriculture.