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Novo Nordisk is a Danish company and a leading producer of insulin. It is among the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Novo Nordisk is a global leader in the treatment of diabetes thanks to its excellent quality, extensive product line, and cutting-edge insulin delivery devices. The business is the only one that manufactures all the components required for contemporary insulin treatment. Additionally, the business is a market leader in the treatment of conditions such as hemophilia, growth hormone insufficiency, and female hormone replacement therapy. Fortunately, Novo Nordisk products are sold in about 200 countries.

Meaning and History

August Krogh, a Danish Nobel laureate, and his wife Maria, a doctor with diabetes, learned about the Canadian discovery of insulin while visiting the United States in 1922. They met with Professor J. McLeod, who oversaw the research team that made the discovery. After being granted permission to make insulin, the couple left for Copenhagen, resolved to begin manufacturing in Scandinavia promptly. Production began barely a few months afterward. The history of the company began with two small Danish companies, Nordisk Insulin Laboratories and Novo Therapeutics. Thus, it’s easy to guess where the name came from. Since then, the company’s researchers have made a number of important discoveries in the field of diabetes management. Their expertise has led to the development of new biopharmaceuticals for patients with hemophilia and growth hormone deficiency.

What is Novo Nordisk?
Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical company with a century-long history of innovation and leadership. Along with businesses that manufacture medicines under their license, Novo Nordisk maintains subsidiaries in several nations.

1923 – Today

Novo Nordisk Logo

The company has not changed its logo for a whole century. Even despite that, it is hard to forget such an illustrative emblem. It features an Egyptian Apis Bull, which was a symbol of strength, vital energy, and power. The image was done in two shades of blue, with a darker one being used for the outline. Dark blue was also used for the name that was placed right under the bull. It was done in all lowercase, sans-serif letters.

Font and Color

Novo Nordisk Emblem

The blue color used in the emblem symbolizes peace, security, trust, and stability. This is exactly what people are looking for when they come to a company with health issues. The font used to write the name of the company is very similar to the FF Signa Round Pro. It features smooth lines and rounded ends. It was simple and withstood the test of time.