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Philip Morris stands as a noteworthy player in the global tobacco industry. A visionary entrepreneur, Philip Morris, laid its foundation. He chose London as its cradle, aiming to cater to the elite with high-quality tobacco. The brand initially carved its niche by offering meticulously crafted tobacco products. Its establishment wasn’t just a business move; it was a commitment to excellence in a burgeoning market.

Meaning and history

Philip Morris Logo history

Philip Morris embarked on its journey in 1847, with its inception in London. This marked the beginning of a legacy in tobacco craftsmanship. The year 1902 became a pivotal point, as the company ventured into the American market, broadening its horizons. Significant strides were made in 1954, introducing innovative filters that promised a smoother experience. The turn of the century saw Philip Morris evolving, reflecting in the rebranding to Altria Group in 2003, aiming to encompass a wider spectrum beyond tobacco.

What is Philip Morris?
Philip Morris is renowned for its significant imprint on the tobacco industry. It has evolved from a single store in London to a global conglomerate. The company not only symbolizes a rich history of tobacco production but also adaptation to changing markets and consumer needs.

1885 – 1919

Philip Morris Co Ltd Inc Logo 1885

The logo features an elaborate emblem, central to its design. Two regal lions, symbols of strength, flank a crowned shield. The shield itself showcases a robust castle, perhaps denoting a bastion of industry. Below, a ribbon curls with the Latin “VENI, VIDI, VICI,” asserting a message of conquest and victory. The overarching name “PHILIP MORRIS & CO. LTD.” arches in a bold, assertive font. The entire design harks back to an era of traditional craftsmanship and heraldic imagery, likely meant to invoke a sense of heritage and trustworthiness.

1919 – 1954

Philip Morris Co Ltd Inc Logo 1919

This refined emblem portrays a modernized elegance. Two majestic horses replace the lions, infusing a sense of progress and speed. Encased in the shield, “PM INC.” appears in a simplistic oval, focusing on the brand’s initials. A crown still tops the design, smaller yet prominent, symbolizing continued excellence. The words “FINEST SELECTION” flank the crest, affirming the brand’s commitment to quality. Below, “PHILIP MORRIS INC.” is scribed with confident clarity, a statement of an established brand evolving with the times.

1954 – 1987

Philip Morris Co Ltd Inc Logo 1954

In this evolution, the logo dons a monochromatic scheme, symbolizing a blend of tradition and modernity. Two heraldic beasts, , uphold a regal crown, echoing a majestic past. The central oval boldly declares “PM INC.” in red, a color choice that grabs attention. Beneath, the famous “VENI.VIDI.VICI” is now part of the foundational banner, a testament to the brand’s enduring conquest. This design simplifies and streamlines previous complexity, capturing a more contemporary essence while respecting historical roots.

1987 – 2008

Philip Morris International Logo 1987

In this logo, the lions, now symmetrical and majestic, stand guard next to the central coat of arms. The crest, with a red background, prominently displays “PM” in white letters, a stark contrast that commands attention. The inclusion of “International” in the banner below signifies the brand’s expansive reach. The typeface for “PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL” is clean, modern, and unembellished, highlighting the brand’s evolution towards a global, contemporary identity. The color palette is refined, favoring clarity and simplicity over ornate detail.

2008 – Today

Philip Morris Logo

The newest version reintroduces blue to create a cooler, more corporate aura. The emblem, compact and centered, holds the “PM” monogram within a blue oval, framed by a double outline. Flanking the oval are two stylized lions, their designs simplified, contributing to the logo’s modernity. The banner below the crest neatly contains “PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL”, signifying a unified global presence. The brand’s name, now separate from the crest, stands boldly to the right, indicating a step towards a minimalistic, yet authoritative brand identity.