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The French football club PSG was founded in 1970. He does not have a long history, but many stars of world football have played for him, which explains his immense popularity. The club is in a leading role in European football, constantly fighting for titles.

Meaning and history

PSG Logo history

1970 – 1972

PSG Logo 1970

The first logo of the club was a blue and white ball, instead of one of the hexagons in which there is a red ship with many sails on a white background.

1972 – 1982

PSG Logo 1972

The logo is based on a dark blue circle. Inside it is the red silhouette of the famous Eiffel Tower. Under the tower there is a cradle – the symbol of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, where the “sun king” Louis XIV was born.

1982 – 1990

PSG Logo 1982

The emblem has remained practically unchanged, the colors have been corrected. An important innovation – a football stadium appeared under the logo.

1990 – 1992

PSG Logo 1990

The stadium was abandoned, the emblem is largely the same as the 1972 sample, except for small changes in color.

1992 – 1996

PSG Logo 1992

In 1992, the logo underwent a radical change. It represents the letters PSG, P and G in blue rectangles, S in red. Under the entire logo there is a black stripe with the full name of the command, PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, and each word just deciphers the letter above it.

1996 – 2002

PSG Logo 1996

There was a return to a more traditional logo. A white border appeared around the blue circle, the name of the team was inscribed in it at the top, and the year of foundation – 1970 at the bottom.

2002 – 2010

PSG Logo 2002

The colors of the outer circle have changed, now the border is blue and the letters are white.

2010 – 2011

PSG Logo 2010

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the club, the corresponding information has been added, for this an additional outer circle has been made, these elements are made in gold.

 2011 – 2014

PSG Logo 2011

Returning to 2002, but with lighter colors.

2014 – Today

PSG Logo

The inner circle has decreased, the year of foundation has been removed. Now the word PARIS at the top of the circle and SAINT-GERMAIN at the bottom. The cradle has been removed from the logo, replaced by a golden lily.

Color and font

The inscriptions in the logo are made in a special font. For decoration, white, blue and red colors are used, which are the state colors for France.