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With a commanding presence in the property sphere, RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. leverages the influential RE/MAX® moniker to orchestrate a vast network of real estate franchisees. Their dominant role in property sales and brokerage underscores their influential status in the marketplace. Additionally, within the U.S., the corporation extends its expertise through the Motto® Mortgage brand, providing comprehensive mortgage brokering solutions. This dual operation underscores their commitment to offering a full spectrum of real estate services, from property listings to financing facilitation, further cementing their standing as a cornerstone in the real estate arena. The dual branding strategy not only diversifies their offerings but also enriches the consumer experience with a one-stop-shop for real estate and mortgage needs. This approach reflects a strategic vision to simplify the property acquisition process, thus attracting a broad clientele and reinforcing their market footprint.

Meaning and history

Remax Logo history

RE/MAX, a renowned name in real estate, was founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger. They started the company in Denver, Colorado, with an innovative business model that differed significantly from traditional real estate companies. Their vision was to allow real estate agents to keep the majority of their commissions and operate independently under the RE/MAX banner.

The company’s growth was rapid and sustained. In the late 1970s, RE/MAX expanded beyond Colorado, marking the beginning of its national and later international presence. By 1981, it had franchises in all 50 states in the USA. This expansion was driven by the company’s unique approach to real estate franchising, which attracted many agents.

In the 1990s, RE/MAX continued its global expansion, entering into new international markets. This period was marked by further innovation, as the company introduced its satellite network, providing training and information to RE/MAX agents.

The early 2000s saw RE/MAX solidifying its position as a global leader in real estate. It became known for its extensive network of highly skilled and independent agents. The company’s branding, particularly its iconic hot air balloon logo, became synonymous with real estate excellence.

RE/MAX made a significant move in 2013 with its initial public offering (IPO), raising $220 million. This event marked a new chapter in the company’s history, transitioning it from a privately held entity to a publicly traded company. A secondary offering in 2015 raised approximately $185 million, reflecting the company’s strong market position and growth prospects.

Ownership changes occurred in 2018 when company veterans, including former president Geoff Lewis and co-founder Dave Liniger, retired. This transitioned leadership responsibilities to new executives, including CEO Adam Contos. This period also involved ethical reviews, ensuring the company’s compliance with industry standards and its commitment to ethical business practices.

Throughout its history, RE/MAX has remained committed to innovation, agent empowerment, and global expansion. Its business model, characterized by allowing agents significant operational independence while providing them with the support of a global brand, has been a key factor in its success. The company’s journey reflects a relentless pursuit of growth, adaptation to changing market conditions, and a consistent focus on delivering value to its agents, franchisees, and clients.

What is Remax?
Operating under the moniker “RE/MAX,” which stands for “Real Estate Maximums,” this international powerhouse has established a considerable footprint in the realty domain. Celebrated for its innovative franchising formula, RE/MAX bestows upon its affiliates – agents and brokers alike – a significant degree of autonomy, while still harnessing the formidable clout of a widely recognized and esteemed brand identity. This pioneering business model has been instrumental in skyrocketing RE/MAX to the apex of the global real estate hierarchy, marking its territory in more than 110 countries.

1973 – 2017

REMAX Logo 1973

The logo for RE/MAX showcases a bold red and blue color palette, with the company’s name in all capital letters, signaling strength and reliability in the real estate market. The diagonal blue line cutting through the letter ‘E’ adds a dynamic element, implying forward motion and innovation in the industry. This distinctive design creates an easily recognizable brand identity, reflecting RE/MAX’s global reach and professional ethos. The registered trademark symbol confirms the logo’s official status, assuring clients of the authenticity and established nature of the RE/MAX brand. This logo is designed to stand out in signage, marketing, and online platforms, optimizing visibility and recall in competitive real estate environments.

2017 – Today


The updated RE/MAX logo maintains its iconic red and blue color scheme, which symbolizes energy and trust. The refreshed design features a sleeker, more contemporary typeface, communicating a modern and forward-thinking brand. The slash through the ‘E’ and ‘M’ remains a distinctive elements, now more pronounced, indicating the brand’s cutting-edge approach to real estate. This evolution reflects RE/MAX’s commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the industry. The registered trademark symbol, positioned at the upper right, continues to assure the logo’s authenticity and the company’s reputation for excellence. The streamlined design ensures strong online and offline visibility, reinforcing the brand’s dominance in the real estate market.