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Rossignol is a renowned French brand, established by Abel Rossignol, a carpenter who crafted his first pair of skis out of solid wood. Initially created in the heart of the French Alps, Rossignol gained fame for producing high-quality winter sports equipment, especially skis. It was born from a passion for mountain sports and the desire to provide enthusiasts with the best gear. Over time, Rossignol expanded to include a wide range of products for skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities, embodying a fusion of performance, innovation, and style.

Meaning and history

Rossignol Logo history

Rossignol, a French icon in winter sports, began in 1907. Abel Rossignol, a skilled carpenter, founded it. He crafted the first skis from wood. Originating in the French Alps, Rossignol focused on ski equipment. It quickly gained acclaim for quality and innovation. By the 1930s, Rossignol skis were winning competitions. In 1956, they revolutionized skiing with metal skis. The 1960s saw further growth and global expansion. Rossignol became synonymous with winter sports excellence. In the 1970s, they diversified into ski apparel. The 1980s brought snowboards, broadening their market. Financial challenges in the 1990s led to changes. Quiksilver acquired Rossignol in 2005, adding a lifestyle dimension.

What is Rossignol?
Rossignol, originating in France, is a pioneering brand known for crafting premium winter sports gear, particularly skis. Synonymous with innovation and quality, it has expanded over decades to include a diverse range of snow sports equipment and apparel, catering to enthusiasts and professionals alike.

1907 – 1936

Rossignol Logo 1907

The logo is a striking emblem of heritage, featuring bold, black lettering that spells “Abel Rossignol” encircling a central circle. Beneath, “Voiron Isère” anchors the design, nodding to the brand’s origins. The backdrop, a textured wood surface, suggests durability and authenticity, resonating with the company’s alpine roots. It’s a testament to tradition, craftsmanship, and the pioneering spirit of the Rossignol brand.

1936 – 1956

Rossignol Logo 1936

This logo presents a stark contrast to its predecessor, embracing minimalism with its crisp, black font on a clean white background. “ETS. ABEL ROSSIGNOL” is spelled out in a uniform, sans-serif typeface, reflecting modernity and simplicity. Gone are the circular emblem and the wood texture, replaced by a straightforward, no-frills approach that highlights the name itself, indicative of a brand confident in its reputation and history.

1956 – 1970

Rossignol Logo 1956

This evolution of the Rossignol logo introduces a dynamic red circle containing a stylized white “R,” symbolizing movement and passion. Below, the brand name “ROSSIGNOL” is displayed in bold, black lettering, conveying strength and presence. The design marks a shift towards a more graphic and iconic representation, stepping away from plain text to a logo that is instantly recognizable and evocative of the brand’s adventurous spirit.

1970 – 1987

Rossignol Logo 1970

Transitioning from the previous design, this logo zooms in on the brand name “ROSSIGNOL,” displaying it in bold, italicized, black lettering. The typeface is slanted, suggesting speed and motion, aligning with the brand’s dynamic essence. There’s a departure from any graphic elements, focusing solely on the text to project a modern, assertive identity. This streamlined approach underscores the brand’s prominence and specialization in the winter sports industry.

1987 – 2006

Rossignol Logo 1987

The logo now features a red and silver dynamic ‘R’ in a circular frame, showcasing energy and modernity. Below, ‘ROSSIGNOL’ is written in a strong, sans-serif font. This design merges the abstract with the explicit, symbolizing the brand’s innovation and forward-thinking ethos in the world of winter sports.

2006 – 2019

Rossignol Logo 2006

The updated logo now boasts a shield silhouette, a nod to heritage and protection. Inside, a rooster, symbolizing French roots and dawn of new beginnings, is split by a ski, representing the brand’s core. The name “ROSSIGNOL” crowns the top in a bold, confident font, while the color palette of red, white, and blue pays homage to the tricolor of the brand’s national flag. This emblematic design encapsulates Rossignol’s storied past and its enduring legacy in winter sports.

2019 – Today

Rossignol Logo

The logo maintains the shield and rooster motif, symbolizing Rossignol’s French heritage and sporting focus. The text “ROSSIGNOL” now stretches out horizontally, in a modern, clean, sans-serif font, aligning with contemporary design trends. This layout offers a balanced combination of icon and text, providing a cohesive and strong brand image suitable for both professional and recreational realms in winter sports.