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Schlumberger is a well-known oilfield service company. Until the end of the 1920s, oilmen got used to drilling wells intuitively. The work of the Schlumberger brothers put an end to this unsystematic practice. Its focus on technical innovation throughout its history has led it to the IT industry, where Schlumberger had a number of notable successes. It registered its domain name back in 1987. One of their lesser-known accomplishments was the development of smart cards.

Meaning and History

The name of the company comes from the names of the founders – the French brothers Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger. Since 1923, the brothers focused their energy on the new technology they developed. Although their services were not in demand, Schlumberger logging teams were working in Venezuela, the US, and the Soviet Union. Soon, it was also working with Royal Dutch Shell in several countries. The young Schlumberger’s biggest breakthrough came with its entry into the US market in 1932 thanks to a contract with Shell, which eventually led to a new company location in Texas. In 1956, Marcel’s son, Pierre, merged all parts of the company under the name Schlumberger Ltd. The company soon became a leader in its industry.

What is Schlumberger?
Schlumberger International Company is a recognized world leader that provides the oil and gas industry with a full range of modern oil production technologies, project management services, and information solutions. The company operates in close to 100 countries around the world.

1923 – Today

Schlumberger Logo

The company decided to go with a minimalistic and timeless emblem. It was just the name of the company done in blue color. The lines were clean and smooth, while the ends were cut straight. The bold letters were written very closely together, which gave the emblem a confident and serious appearance. The logo did not have any other decorative elements.

Font and Color

Schlumberger Emblem

The company used an original logo for a whole century. A deep, calming blue color became the representation of the new company. It is a popular color for logos in many industries and stands for stability, loyalty, and confidence. The company used a sans serif font called Helvetica UltraCompressed. Combined with the blue color, this typeface is a good choice for a company that wants to look like a trustworthy and reliable business.