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Shimano stands as a beacon of innovation in cycling and fishing gear. Shozaburo Shimano founded it with a clear vision. Its birthplace, Sakai City, Japan, became synonymous with precision engineering. Originally, the focus was on bicycle components, aiming to enhance the cycling experience through groundbreaking technology.

Meaning and history

Shimano Logo history

Shimano embarked on its journey in 1921, driven by Shozaburo Shimano’s ambition to revolutionize bicycle components. It began with the freewheel mechanism, a cornerstone for its future innovations. The 1950s marked Shimano’s expansion into the global market, introducing the world to its quality craftsmanship. By the 1970s, Shimano had diversified, entering the fishing gear sector, and continued to pioneer with the introduction of groundbreaking products like the indexed shifting system in the 1980s. Each decade, Shimano solidified its legacy by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cycling and fishing gear.

What is Shimano?
Shimano is a global leader in the production of cycling components and fishing equipment. Renowned for its innovation, Shimano enhances outdoor sports experiences. It remains dedicated to improving efficiency, durability, and performance in all its products.

1921 – 1965

Shimano Logo 1921

The logo features bold, slanted letters that spell out ‘Shimano’. The font is sans-serif, with a modern, clean look. The name tilts forward, suggesting motion and progress. The logo is monochromatic, simple, and distinctive, encapsulating the brand’s focus on forward-thinking and quality.

1965 – 1990s

Shimano Logo 1965

This logo integrates a graphic symbol beside the word ‘Shimano’. The symbol, a circle split into two halves, suggests balance and precision. Its design evokes a bike wheel or a fishing reel, hinting at the company’s markets. The typography remains bold and sans-serif, with the same forward slant, conveying movement and dynamism. This emblem offers a visual identity that encapsulates Shimano’s commitment to excellence in its specialized fields.

1990s – 2000s

Shimano Logo 1990s

In this evolution, Shimano’s logo adopts a cooler, blue hue, conveying calm and precision. The symbol, two intersecting shapes, suggests wings or fins, symbolizing speed and fluidity. The typography is less slanted, signifying stability and reliability. Together, the elements reflect Shimano’s commitment to innovation and the seamless integration of their products with the elements of water and air.

200s – 2020

Shimano Logo before 2020

The logo now streamlines to just the word ‘Shimano’ in a confident, blue block typeface. Gone are the symbols, embracing minimalism and focus. The uniform letters suggest reliability and uniform quality. The blue remains, a nod to Shimano’s heritage and the aquatic realms it serves. This design reflects a modern, clean aesthetic, prioritizing brand recognition through simplicity.

2020 – Today

Shimano Logo

The logo adds a vibrant green and navy stripe beneath the ‘Shimano’ text, introducing a fresh energy. The stripes may symbolize paths or waterways, aligning with the brand’s connection to cycling and fishing. The text color gradient fades from sky to sea blue, perhaps reflecting the breadth of Shimano’s influence from the skies to ocean depths. The design maintains simplicity while adding a splash of color that invigorates the brand’s identity.