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The South Florida Bulls represent the University of South Florida in NCAA sports. Leroy Selmon initiated the program in Tampa, Florida. He intended to foster school spirit and athletic excellence. The Bulls compete primarily in the American Athletic Conference.

Meaning and history

South Florida Bulls Logo history

The South Florida Bulls, University of South Florida’s sports teams, were established mid-20th century. They symbolize the institution’s competitive spirit. Initially, they played small-scale, but growth was inevitable. As popularity surged, so did investment and talent. By the 21st century, they became formidable, known for tenacity. Football, basketball, and more, their range is vast. They’ve contended in major conferences, leaving marks of excellence.

What is South Florida Bulls ?
The South Florida Bulls is the athletic nickname for the University of South Florida’s sports teams. They participate in NCAA Division I athletics, with a broad program including football, basketball, and more. The teams promote collegiate spirit and competition.

1974 – 1987

South Florida Bulls Logo 1974

This emblem showcases a green and white color scheme, with a fierce bull in motion at the center. The bull, adorned with “USF” letters, conveys strength and dynamism. Stars encircle the design, framing the words “Golden Brahmans” and “University of South Florida”. It’s a classic depiction of school pride and sportsmanship.

1996 – 2003

South Florida Bulls Logo 1996

This logo is a modernized evolution from the previous one. It features a stylized bull’s head with sharp lines, set against a diamond backdrop. Green, gold, and black colors convey energy and boldness. Below, “South Florida Bulls” is written in dynamic, slanted typography. The overall design reflects a contemporary and aggressive spirit.

2003 – 2011

South Florida Bulls Logo 2003

The logo transitions to a sleeker, more abstract design, focusing on the bull’s horns to symbolize the USF Bulls. It pairs forest green with a soft gold outline, exuding a mix of tradition and innovation. The design is streamlined, emphasizing the forward thrust and power of the bull. Gone are any additional graphics or text, presenting a bold, minimalist statement.

2011 – Today

South Florida Bulls Logo

This design further refines the bull’s horns, offering a more fluid and elegant shape. The colors remain a classic combination of green and gold, symbolizing growth and success. The absence of text or other elements underscores a confident simplicity. This logo distills the essence of the South Florida Bulls into a single, powerful symbol.