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Abbott is a global healthcare company that creates breakthrough products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and branded generic pharmaceuticals. Founded by Dr. Wallace C. Abbott in Chicago, it started with the production of known drugs in precise dosages. Over the years, Abbott has evolved into a diverse healthcare enterprise dedicated to improving lives through innovative medical solutions.

Meaning and history

Abbot Logo history

Abbott, established in 1888 by Dr. Wallace Abbott, began with pharmaceuticals. Initially, a one-man operation, it grew, staying under family leadership. By the 20th century, Abbott expanded globally, retaining its name while diversifying products. Post-World War II, it innovated with antibiotics. The 1960s brought new labs and a focus on diagnostics. Ownership remained corporate, with no single figurehead. In the 21st century, Abbott spun off its research-based pharmaceuticals into AbbVie.

Abbott focuses on diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals, and branded generics, still at the forefront of healthcare.

What is Abbot?
Abbott is a healthcare pioneer known for its innovative contributions to science and well-being, from nutrition products to life-saving medical diagnostics. It commenced as a drug store by Dr. Wallace C. Abbott and evolved into a trusted multinational, dedicated to creating more possibilities for full, healthy lives around the globe.

1988 – 1959

Abbott Logo 1888

The logo features a bold, octagonal frame, with the word “Abbott” scribed in a distinctive, flowing script that exudes a classic vibe. The letters exhibit a casual elegance, as if swiftly penned by a calligrapher. Black on white, the contrast is striking, ensuring the name commands attention. Its design suggests a blend of tradition and confidence, hinting at a storied legacy behind the name it presents.

1959 – Today

Abbott Logo 1959

This logo is a stark departure from its predecessor, embracing minimalism and modernity. Composed of bold, geometric shapes, it forms a stylized ‘A’ that is both abstract and authoritative. The design is stripped of any ornamentation, relying on strong contrast and the power of negative space to make a lasting impression. It’s a symbol that speaks to a forward-thinking identity, one that values simplicity and impact over embellishment.

1986 – 2006

Abbott Logo 1986

The evolution of the logo introduces the full name, “Abbott Laboratories”, adding context to the emblem. The iconic ‘A’ remains, but now it’s paired with a clean, sans-serif typeface that spells out the company’s scope. The text and symbol alignment suggest a balance between the company’s heritage and its expansive scientific endeavors. This iteration communicates clarity, precision, and a more explicit connection to the brand’s identity within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

2006 – Today

Abbott Logo

In this iteration, the logo adopts a vibrant blue hue, replacing the stark black, infusing it with energy and freshness. The “Abbott” text is now free of “Laboratories”, signaling a broader, perhaps more universal approach. The typeface remains sans-serif, maintaining the modern and clean aesthetic. The blue embodies trust and reliability, traits often associated with healthcare, which the brand is closely aligned with. This redesign reflects a strategic shift to appear more approachable and dynamic.