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Abbvie is a global biopharmaceutical company that emerged from a split with Abbott Laboratories. Founded to focus intensely on research-driven pharmaceuticals, Abbvie aims to tackle some of the most challenging diseases by developing advanced therapies. With its headquarters in North Chicago, Illinois, USA, Abbvie has dedicated itself to innovation in areas such as immunology, oncology, virology, and neuroscience, striving to make a remarkable impact on patients’ lives worldwide through science.

Meaning and history

Abbvie was born in 2013, splitting from Abbott Laboratories to focus on pharmaceuticals. Its journey began in Illinois, USA. Specializing in severe diseases, Abbvie quickly made its mark. Innovation and research have been its core.

The company expanded globally, reaching patients worldwide. Abbvie acquired Pharmacyclics in 2015, enhancing its oncology portfolio. In 2020, it took over Allergan, diversifying into aesthetics. Through these strategic moves, Abbvie strengthened. Its commitment to science and patient care remains unwavering. Despite ownership changes, Abbvie’s mission continues: advancing healthcare.

“What is Abbvie?
Abbvie stands as a beacon in the biopharmaceutical realm, birthed from Abbott Laboratories in 2013, with a sharp focus on pioneering medical breakthroughs. Its essence lies in crafting innovative treatments that promise new dawns for patients grappling with complex diseases, illuminating paths toward healing and hope.


AbbVie Logo

The logo is a minimalist marque that conveys modernity and sleekness. Crafted with bold navy blue letters, it spells “abbvie,” with a notable typographic play: the double ‘b’s connect, symbolizing partnership and connection. The typeface is sans-serif, which adds to the logo’s contemporary vibe, and the dot on the ‘i’ is perfectly circular, hinting at precision and completeness. This emblem represents the pharmaceutical firm’s forward-thinking ethos and commitment to scientific progress.