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What is American Express Logo

American Express is a global financial company, which was established in 1850 and is located in the United States. It’s widely recognized across the country for providing a set of online and offline payment system services as well as some of the bank functions. Now they make various charge cards, credit cards as well as traveler’s cheques. Now it’s one of the top global financial organizations. Their target market is the United States, where the company has many partners and customers, but their operations are also spread across the whole world.

Meaning and history

American Express Logo history

Initially, American Express was meant to be an organization that would take control and provides safety and quickness of the financial operations of the citizens and companies of the United States. That’s why American Express was called so – it provides a smooth, quick, and easy way to deliver money from one client to another. Their logotype reflects a principle of trustworthiness and verified the quality of services of the company. Throughout its history, the company didn’t change its logotype many times, rather they make small modifications to the already existing composition.

What is American Express?
American Express is a multinational organization that was established in New York, 1850. They offer a variety of financial, banking and payment services in many countries of the world, although their target audience in the United States, where the core segment of their customers, partners, and shareholders is located. Their main product is an electronic payment system, but they also produce charge cards, credit cards as well as traveler’s cheques.

1853 – 1974

American Express Logo 1853

The first logotype made by the corporate designers wasn’t a logotype in its direct meaning; rather it was something to put in advertisement blocks in gazettes and magazines. It was a nameplate with the name of the brand written in one line. It had a heavy font with prominent serifs of the white letters. Each character had a bold back outline, due to which the whole inscription had a 3D effect. It gave the logotype a serious yet elegant mood and eye-catching style.

1974 – 2018

American Express Logo 1974

The next logotype, which appeared more than a century later, depicted an inscription with the name of the brand on a square background. The name had a bold blue sans serif typeface with uppercase letters, outline bold white. Most of the characters were separated from one another by small gaps in between, but the letters ‘E’,’X’ and ’P’ merged into one symbol. The ‘C’ and both ‘A’ characters in the ‘American’ word also merged with neighboring letters at the corners. The nameplate is not written at the center: the upper and lower parts of the inscription are slightly shifted to the left and right respectively.

2006 – 2018

American Express Logo 2006

In 2006, they renovated the logotype by adding some gradient shades to the blue square background and brightening the whole logotype.

2018 – today

American Express Logo

Then, they removed the gradient shades from the background and darkened the whole logotype.


American Express Symbol

The nameplate in the logotype of the brand uses a heavy sans-serif typeface with bold lines and a sharp uppercase style. One of the features of the font in the design of the ‘C’ character. In previous logotypes, it was merged with the following ‘A’ symbol, but in the 2018 version of the logotype, the ‘C’ letter has its lower tail shortened. It looks like a part of the tail was cut off.


American Express Emblem

The main colors of the corporate identity didn’t change often throughout the company’s history: blue was always used to paint the square background and the name, while white stands for the outline of the inscription.