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Avon is a leader in the sale of perfumes and cosmetics. Its products were always sold through direct sales through company representatives. The company does thorough testing and research on each of its goods. All products are developed using the most recent innovations and developments, ensuring that customers always receive the best goods. Men and women alike have the option to select their preferred cosmetic items or favorite fragrance from the comprehensive selection of Avon brand products.

Meaning and History

Avon Logo history

Avon was founded in the USA in 1886 by David McConnell, who at the age of 16 was selling books door-to-door. One day he started ​​giving a small bottle of perfume along with the book. Then, he discovered that women were more interested in perfumes, and opened the California Perfume Company. He named it after his friend Avon, who was the first investor. The first products of the company were five simple flower perfume fragrances. By the beginning of the 20th century, Avon was producing shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, tooth powder, cosmetics, lipstick, blush, and more. The production of jewelry by Avon was launched in 1971 and continues today.

What is Avon?
Avon is a well-known door-to-door company. It is a manufacturer of not only cosmetics and perfumes but also magnificent collectible vintage jewelry. The success story of this amazing direct selling company for women that achieved over $10 billion in annual sales in over 120 countries.

1886 – 1904

Avon Logo 1886

The first logo was an elegant medallion, which went great with the Avon concept of luxury and high-quality products. It was black and white and featured a woman, who the brand was targeting. The medallion was decorated with intricate details and banners around it. There was also an inscription “Eureka” at the bottom and “Trade Mark” on either side of it.

1904 – 1911

Avon Logo 1904

The updated logo was much simplified as the medallion, which now looked like a simple circle, now featured only the initials of the company name – CP. The banner above it said “CPC”, which stood for California Perfume Company. Similar to the original logo, there was the “Eureka Trade Mark” inscription, but it was very minimalistic.

1911 – 1929

Avon Logo 1911

A new emblem was different and only its horizontal oblong shape reminded of the original logo. In the center, it had the initials of the company done using a fancy typeface. Right under the initials, it stated “The Sign of Quality”. The oval shape looked like a chain of small rectangular shapes. “California Perfume Co.” was written on the chain and each letter got its own small rectangle. The logo still had a black and white color palette.

1930 – 1936

Avon Logo 1930

An updated version looked like a piece of art. It was the first time that the logo actually said “Avon”. The name was done in black and all the letters featured delicate, yet confident curved lines. The horizontal bar of the “A” was relatively thin and the letter served as an archway entrance to a beautiful home on a hill above the other letters.

1936 – 1947

Avon Logo 1936

Like the original emblem, this version was rather feminine as it featured a flower theme. The name was done using a very interesting font, which gave the letters “A” and “O” a double arch look at the top and the bottom. The letter “A” was also enlarged and used as a base for an emblem above the name. it was decorated with a tulip flower with a petal on either side of it.

1947 – 1954

Avon Logo 1947

A more modern typeface with serifs was used, so the letters looked more delicate and professional. The emblem above the name looked sophisticated and feminine and continued the flower theme.

1954 – 1972

Avon Logo 1954

It was the first time that the logo had only the name of the company. Nonetheless, it looked just as impressive. It had a beautiful cursive, handwritten style with all the letters being interconnected. The name was written on a diagonal with the right corner going upward.

1970 – 1997

Avon Logo 1970

A bold name was the main and only element. The letters, which were all uppercase, had pointy serifs and were placed closely together. The letter “V’ looked like a flipped “A” without the horizontal bar. It looked very stylish.

1997 – 2007

Avon Logo 1997

The name was done in blue with letters that had straight cuts and sharp corners. They were spaced widely apart, which created a confident appearance. It was the first time the company used color in its logo. under the name, there was a slogan “the company for women” which was underlined by a short stroke on the left. The blue color, which stands for loyalty, and its slogan made the company look very attractive.

2007 – 2019

Avon Logo 2007

The brand removed the slogan and used a pink color for the name, which is often considered a feminine color. The style of the letters stayed the same, but they were significantly thinner. With such brand recognition, there was no need for any other details.

2019 – 2020

Avon Logo 2019

This logo version reminded of the one introduced back in the 1970s. There was more contrast between the thicker and thinner lines, but overall the letters were bolder. In addition, the letter “O” had been turned diagonally, which added some dynamics to the wordmark.

2019 – Today

Avon Logo 2019-now

The brand continued to use a logo introduced in 2007 but in black. In addition, the pointed corners were rounded.

2020 – 2023

Avon Logo 2020

The most colorful logo was introduced in 2020. It had a purple, pink, and red gradient. The font resembled Silk Serif Black.

2023 – Today

Avon Logo

The logo featured in the image is a bold and straightforward representation of the Avon brand, a company renowned for its beauty and cosmetic products. The logo consists of the brand name “AVON” in capitalized, sans-serif lettering, which conveys a modern and clean aesthetic. This typeface choice suggests the brand’s approachability and clarity in its mission to provide beauty products for a wide audience.

Set against a vibrant magenta background, the white text stands out with striking contrast, making the logo easily identifiable from a distance. The color choice is not only eye-catching but also evokes a sense of confidence and energy, attributes that the brand may wish to associate with its identity and customer base. Magenta is often linked to femininity and vibrancy, which aligns well with Avon’s primary market of beauty and personal care products for women.

This logo’s simplicity is its strength, steering clear of unnecessary complexity to ensure brand recognition. The starkness of the color contrast, combined with the unadorned typeface, communicates a no-nonsense approach to beauty, highlighting the company’s focus on delivering quality products without pretense. The logo encapsulates the essence of Avon as a brand that is both timeless and contemporary, appealing to a demographic that values both tradition and modernity in their beauty routines.

Font and Color

Avon Emblem

For the majority of its history, Avon used a black color for its logos. It stands for the classic, elegant, and luxury products of the brand. The company also used shades of pink, which is a classic feminine color. When it comes to fonts, the company used a variety of fonts. There were fonts with and without serifs. Some were thin, while others featured bold lines. The company also went back and forth between more rounded lettering and one with sharp, pointed ends.