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Sephora is a beauty retailer that has evolved from a traditional perfume store to a beauty empire. Over its half-century history, the brand had several major reputational scandals, amazed with creative marketing strategies, and changed the beauty industry. Sephora succeeded because they were able to anticipate the innermost needs, desires, and hopes of consumers, forming a response offer. Currently, the network of salons and cosmetics stores is not only responsible for the sales and distribution of high-quality, effective, and safe cosmetic products, but also for the creation of their own palettes and shades for make-up. The Sephora brand dictates the fashion of certain seasons.

Meaning and History

Founded as a small perfume shop in 1969 by Frenchman Dominique Mandonnaud, the brand has become a pioneer in try-before-you-buy stores. It stayed one of the leaders in its segment for almost 50 years. In 1979, Mandonnaud opened Shop 8, which got popular and acquired several dozen stores from a British company called Boots. Its cosmetic and perfume stores were called Sephora. By 1994, Shop 8 changed its name to Sephora. The cosmetics company Sephora managed to build and open the largest beauty and fragrance salon in the world. The Louis Vuitton holding is the owner of the brand since the end of the last century. The name Sephora can be traced to the Greek word for beauty – sephos.

What is Sephora?
Sephora is one of the most famous brands among cosmetics and perfume stores in the United States and beyond its borders.  It is one of the most beloved brands by modern girls and women. Sephora has captured the hearts of millions of cosmetics and skincare customers with a new, try-before-you-buy concept.

1969 – Today

Sephora Logo

The logo of this company was not only kept unchanged for over half a century but also looks very minimalistic. It is just the name of the brand printed in black. All the letters are uppercase and widely spaced apart. Such simplicity and consistency made this logo look elegant, sophisticated, and recognizable.

Font and Color

Sephora Emblem

The company went for black right from the beginning. It is a classic color that is used by many companies to represent professionalism, luxury, and elegance. The typeface is also not very exquisite, but its simplicity, boldness, and wide spacing between the letters definitely make a statement.