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MAC Cosmetics is a Canadian international in the cosmetics sphere, founded in 1984. Owned by Estée Lauder Companies, this is one of the leading marques in the makeup, selfcare, and fashion cosmetics goods production. In their product line, there are many units, recognized among professionals for the quality and safety. They’re spread across 500 branches in 120 countries, operated by more than 10000 employees all over the world.

Meaning and history

The business was registered in 1984 by two Franks – Angelo and Toskan. The name is actually a shorting from the phrase ‘makeup arts cosmetics’. Throughout its history, the business specialized in manufacturing of various makeup products were marketed towards pro cosmetologists, barbers or models.

In the end of the century, MAC had opened 100 points of presence. The brand expanded its operations across the world, However, this rapid growth of the marque and establishment of the fresh stores didn’t make it possible to come up with new ideas and solutions and forced the bosses to sell half of the brand shares to Estée Lauder Companies in 1994. Sometime later, Angelo died of SCA in the hospital and Toskan sold his part of the company to Estée.

Following the new management, the company continued its growth, opening new dots across the world. Now, Mac is recognized as one of the first makeup marques, having around 500 opened worldwide.

What is MAC Cosmetics?
MAC Cosmetics is one of the world’s largest brands of haircare and bodycare tools and means, located in New York. The company appeared in 1984 thanks to two Canadians, Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, and since then it has been producing premium level cosmetics products for barbers, make up specialists, and models.

1984 – today

MAC Cosmetics Logo

The company’s signature is nothing more than three capitalized characters and two dots alongside two bars of the central ‘a’. The white acronym is based on a black background.


MAC Cosmetics Symbol

Their official ‘MAC’ nameplate has a custom typeface. All capitals are elongated, and a bit flattened. It adds minimalism and clearness to the logo, alongside the semibold letterforms. The ‘m’ letter has a small gap, separating its left diagonal bar from the right one. The same thing happens with the horizontal stroke of ‘a’. Another notable feature is that the characters are merged with one another in the lower edges. Finally, two bold dots along the two bars of the ‘a’ character add some harmony to the logo.


MAC Cosmetics Emblem

For its corporate logotype, MAC Cosmetics prefers a classic configuration of black and white shades, whereas black is used to feature the background, while white is used for the name. The shades can reverse depending on the case. Depending on the case as well, the package designers may add other shades in the color code.