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Laneige is a South Korean cosmetics brand specializing in skincare products. Amore Pacific Corporation founded it to address hydration needs. The brand originates from Seoul, South Korea, aiming to utilize water science in skincare solutions.

Meaning and history

Laneige Logo history

Laneige was established in 1994 by Amore Pacific, a leading cosmetics company in South Korea. The name “Laneige” means “the snow” in French, reflecting the brand’s focus on moisture-rich skincare. Over the years, Laneige has developed innovative products like the Water Sleeping Mask and Lip Sleeping Mask, gaining global recognition. In 2002, Laneige expanded internationally, entering markets across Asia and later, North America and Europe.

What is Laneige?
Laneige is a skincare brand from South Korea. It focuses on hydration and water-based products. The brand is famous for its Sleeping Masks and advanced water technology in cosmetics.

2000 – 2002

Laneige Logo 2000

The logo presents itself in a minimalistic fashion, bearing bold, uppercase letters. Typography is sans-serif, clean, and modern. There is a distinct symmetry in the lettering, and the spacing between characters is consistent, giving it a balanced and harmonious look. The logo’s simplicity conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication, reflective of the brand’s focus on purity and the essential quality of water in skincare. The stark black on a white background emphasizes contrast and visibility, making the logo versatile for various applications.

2002 – 2011

Laneige Logo 2002

The logo exhibits a bold and modern sans-serif font, distinguished by an accent on the ‘I’. The use of the accent suggests a fusion of Korean beauty with European elegance. The black lettering on a white backdrop offers a classic contrast, ensuring legibility and a timeless aesthetic. This logo’s design embodies simplicity, allowing the accent to take center stage, which subtly pays homage to the brand’s French-named inspiration, meaning “the snow”. It speaks of the brand’s commitment to purity and hydration, echoing the clean and crisp characteristics of its namesake.

2011 – 2019

Laneige Logo 2011

In this iteration of the logo, the French accent on the ‘I’ has been removed, simplifying the text to a more universal form. This change underscores a shift towards global accessibility, perhaps signaling a strategic move towards broader international appeal. The typeface continues to be sans-serif, suggesting modernity, while the even weighting of the letters offers a sense of stability and reliability. The clean lines and unembellished design reflect a brand that values clarity, purity, and the intrinsic quality of its products. The black-on-white contrast remains, a testament to the brand’s commitment to timeless elegance.

2019 – Today

Laneige Logo

The logo has transitioned from stark black to a serene blue palette. The color change evokes the brand’s connection to water and hydration, core elements of its identity. This shade of blue conveys tranquility and reflects the brand’s skincare philosophy, focusing on moisture and refreshment. The blue also serves as a visual reminder of the brand’s name, Laneige, which is French for “the snow,” suggesting purity and freshness. The typeface maintains its sans-serif simplicity, reinforcing the brand’s modern and clean aesthetic. This subtle yet impactful evolution aligns with a calming and hydrating skincare experience.