Johnson & Johnson Logo

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The Johnson & Johnson brand develops in three directions at once: medicines, hygiene products, and medical equipment, which occupies a leading position in the market. Its social responsibility approach effectively contributes to the prosperity of the brand. Even the biggest problems and failures in operations were successfully eliminated by the company’s leaders, who were not afraid to incur temporary losses for the sake of future success. The brand also acquired many other companies around the world to expand not only its influence in the particular market but also add new product lines to its list.

Meaning and History

Robert Wood, James Wood, and Edward Meade Johnson, three American brothers, created Johnson & Johnson in 1886. Initially, Johnson & Johnson produced surgical kits, bandages, and antiseptic surgical supplies. For railroad employees, J&J made the first first aid pack in 1888. The brand soon started making first aid kits for vehicles, planes, boats, and homes. The corporation began to advertise its responsibilities to society thanks to Robert Johnson, the owner, who acquired the company from the founder, his father, in the 1930s. It still follows this guiding concept, which has frequently proved to be the right course of action.

What is Johnson & Johnson?
This is one of the largest manufacturers of medicine and self-care products. Almost 200 countries enjoy Johnson & Johnson products. These include Johnson’s Baby, Reach, RoC, Neutrogena, Carefree, and Clean & Clear trademarks. The corporation includes close to 250 subsidiaries located in several dozen countries of the world. In the 1920s, the company becomes an innovator, offering consumers moisturizing cream for babies and bandages.

1887 – Today

Johnson & Johnson Logo

Only a few companies have kept their logo unchanged. J&J uses almost exactly the same logo it presented to the public over 130 years ago. The brand name comes from the last name of the founder. The logo also has a connection to the founder, as it is a slightly modified version of James Wood Johnson’s signature. It was first used on its products but then appeared in advertising and used for other brand activities.

Font and Color

Johnson & Johnson Emblem

The font used for the brand’s logo is a custom one as it is based on the signature of the founder. The original logo had bigger loops and longer lines, but the basis stayed unchanged. Such an approach further instilled trust and loyalty toward the brand. The typeface is an elegant, classic cursive writing with thicker and thinner lines typical of calligraphy style. All the letters are interconnected. Although initially the logo was done in basic black or sometimes blue, the bold and eye-catching red color has stayed with the company since the 1950s.