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Equinox is a luxury fitness company known for its high-end gyms and wellness centers. It was founded by the Errico siblings in New York City, aiming to provide a comprehensive, upscale fitness experience. The brand differentiates itself with a focus on quality facilities, a wide range of fitness classes, and additional amenities like spas and health-focused cafes, catering to those seeking a premium health and fitness lifestyle.

Meaning and history

Equinox Logo history

Equinox began in 1991, New York City, founded by the Errico siblings. It started as a single upscale gym. Quickly, it redefined luxury fitness, blending high-quality facilities and diverse classes. By 1999, Equinox expanded beyond New York, opening in California. The 2000s marked rapid growth, adding new locations nationwide. In 2006, Equinox acquired PURE Yoga, diversifying its offerings. 2011 saw the launch of Blink Fitness, a budget-friendly branch. Further expansion led to international locations, including London and Toronto. By 2019, Equinox unveiled its luxury hotel concept in New York.

The brand emphasizes holistic wellness, integrating fitness, spa, and health services. Today, Equinox remains a symbol of premium fitness lifestyle.

What is Equinox?
Equinox is a trailblazer in the luxury fitness sector, renowned for its opulent gyms and comprehensive wellness services. It stands out for combining high-end exercise equipment, diverse class options, and lavish amenities like spas, embodying a lifestyle of sophisticated health and fitness.

Before 2013

Equinox Logo old

This logo showcases the word “EQUINOX” in bold, uppercase letters, set within an elliptical orbit. The design suggests motion, indicative of the brand’s dynamic approach to fitness and well-being. Two contrasting halves of the ellipse, one dark and one light, could symbolize balance, echoing the equinox phenomenon where day and night are of equal length. The encircling rings add a sense of wholeness and continuity, aligning with the company’s comprehensive health philosophy. The registered trademark symbol indicates a protected brand identity.

2013 – Today

Equinox logo

In this iteration of the logo, the word “EQUINOX” is presented in a stark, clean black font against a white background, devoid of any graphic elements that suggest motion or orbiting. The letters are evenly spaced, offering a simplified and modern look. The most distinctive feature is the “Q”, which is stylized with a break, giving it a unique visual twist that catches the eye. This minimalist design reflects a contemporary aesthetic, likely aiming for straightforward branding that emphasizes clarity and sophistication.