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Planet Fitness is an American franchised chain of sports centers with the main office in New Hampshire. With approximately 2300 facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries, Planet Fitness is recognized as one of the fastest-growing American gym networks. It promotes itself as a cruelty-free zone, equipped with the best trainers and inspiring instructors ready to help with workouts.

Meaning and history

The brand’s first gym opened its doors in Dover, in 1992, after the Grondahl brothers purchased the Gold’s Gym franchise which endured financial troubles at the time. A year later they invited UNH’s student Chirs Rondeau to step into the front desk position in their gym. Later, he became the company’s CEO. In 2002, they bought the Planet Fitness brandmark rights from Rick Berks and changed their franchise’s name to Planet Fitness.

Throughout the brand’s history, there were many marketing initiatives that made it popular. In 1997, Planet Fitness started its ‘Judgement Free Zone’ strategy, encouraging fresh visitors to feel safe joining the gym’s environment and starting their fitness activities with Planet. The founders made a serious push to change the gym’s atmosphere by lowering the prices and hiring inspiring coaches able to help clients with workouts. They developed various initiatives to warm up the audience, such as a once-a-month pizza night in all points, for instance.

The company’s approach to the tone of voice in brand communications proved its efficiency and allowed the company to grow. By now, the brand has more than 2000 points of presence primarily in North America and Australia.

What is Planet Fitness?
Planet Fitness is a chain of sports centers headquartered in New Hampshire. This is one of the most successful sports brands, having more than 2300 locations primarily in North America and Australia. The gym’s core concept is that it’s a ‘Judgment Free Zone’, in which everybody can feel comfortable to start the workout and not be scared of intimidation.

1992 – today

Planet Fitness Logo

The Planet Fitness corporate logotype displays a thoughtful combination of a cogwheel with a pink contour. A hand with a thumb-up sign goes out of the center, and below it, they wrote the nameplate.

The cogwheel has a dual meaning: first, it’s an essential part of any mechanism used in gym trainers; second, the more philosophical meaning the wheel represents a chance for everyone to become fit and healthy by doing exercises and applying all the patience and diligence to make the workout a mechanical process.

The thumb-up gesture features something positive in the American culture, such as approval or support. People show their thumb-up when they want to encourage somebody in doing something. In the Planet Fitness logo, the sign represents the altitudes in the gym network the instructor encourages his client to improve his or her skills and do more exercises.

At last, the circular contour inside the cogwheel is meant to add more contrast to the logo and add some dynamic.


Planet Fitness Symbol

The text caption in the franchise’s emblem employs a classic semibold typeface with prominent serifs. The characters are of the same size and written straightforwardly. All letters are lowercase and have smaller gaps in between


Planet Fitness Emblem

The color setup of the brand’s logotype consists of black for the wheel, pink for its contour, a yellow and black combination to feature the hand, and white to describe the name. This color code perfectly fits the brand and the logotype, as the black-and-pink combination is often associated with fitness.