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ExxonMobil Corporation, commonly Exxon, is an American multinational engaged in the energy industry, formed in 1998. They produce a specter of petroleum products and their derivatives, including crude oil, motor fuel, natural gas, plastic, rubber, and electricity. ExxonMobil’s production exceeds 5 million BPD in 21 oil refining plants, which makes it the second-largest petroleum company globally.

Meaning and history

ExxonMobil is a joint project that appeared in 1998. Its main stakeholders were the two descendants of Standard Oil, Exxon, and Mobil. They signed a $73,7 million contract to found the ExxonMobil Corporation, which had instantly become the third-largest business with a total production of 2,5 million barrels a day or $1 billion a year. The agreement came into force after the European Commission and the US FTC approved it in 1999.

In the new century, ExxonMobil has increased its oil production and launched new partnerships with international companies. Since the 2000s, the company has been setting up oil-producing plants in Iraq, including Rumalia and West Qurna. they also signed a deal confirming oil research and production in the Kurdistan region. All this allowed Exxon to start producing cheap plastic, synthetic tissues, lubricants, and medicals.

From 2011 to 2018, ExxonMobil maintained a line of strategic partnership activities with the Russian state-controlled oil company Rosneft to develop oil fields in the Black Sea and the Kara Sea. However, due to the 2018 international sanctions affecting Rosneft, the American oil refinery giant had to finish most of the joint projects with Russians.

A line of other projects, acquisitions, and partnerships took place in Australia (2012), Hong Kong (2013), and Venezuela (2014).

Now, Exxon is a large oil supplier, controlling 21 huge plants across the globe, with a total production of 5 million BPD and revenue of $276.692 billion.

What is ExxonMobil?
ExxonMobil (Exxon) is an American supplier of oil and gas with plants spread globally. They produce petrochemicals, fuel, crude petroleum, oil-based synthetic tissues, and medicals. The total production of ExxonMobil’s 21 plants is close to 5 million barrels a day, which puts it on the same board as the top petroleum companies.

1999 – today

ExxonMobil Corporation Logo

The company’s corporate logotype features a wordmark colored red. Its typeface and design came out of the Lippincott&Marguiles branding agency and remain the same until today.


ExxonMobil Corporation Emblem

Their wordmark utilizes a pretty simple sans-serif typeface with small intervals between the characters, executed in semibold lines. A notable feature in the inscription’s design is the double ‘x’ symbol, which looks like a long diagonal bar with two smaller lines crossing it.


ExxonMobil Corporation Symbol

The main color code of the company includes red and white shades, whereas the name’s color is white and the background’s shade is red. There is also another usage of Exxon’s logo, including a white inscription on the black background, and its inverted version.