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The world-famous chain Four Seasons owns premium hotels and resorts. In fact, for nearly 50 years, it has been among the top businesses in its industry. Numerous distinctions, recognitions from customers, and rewards have been given to Four Season hotels. Guest service standards are the same for all Four Seasons hotels, regardless of geographic location. The service of this company is often called the best in the world. Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, is one of the principal shareholders of Four Seasons and holds a sizeable portion of the company’s shares.

Meaning and History

Four Seasons Logo history

The history of the Four Seasons hotel chain began in 1960 when the first hotel of the chain was opened in Toronto. Isadore Sharp, the son of Jewish migrants from Poland to Canada, was a young man with a degree in construction and a family business in the construction of residential buildings who managed to build his first hotel at the age of 29 and later founded the corporation the world knows today. The 1970s began with a turning point – the opening of a hotel in London. This hotel set the direction for the company for years to come. It was here that many of the Four Seasons branded services, which are now available worldwide, were introduced. In 1974, the company almost went bankrupt. Thus, the management changed its strategy. Now, most of the hotels that operate under the Four Seasons brand are not owned by this company, but only managed by it. This proved to be a great approach as the brand is flourishing.

What is Four Seasons?
This is an international hotel chain. Four Seasons brand is about luxury, aristocracy, hospitality, and the highest service level. In addition to hotels, the Four Seasons hotel chain is also involved in the management of a program in the real estate market, which is known under the brand name “Residence Clubs”.

1960 – 2016

Four Seasons Logo 1960

The name of the company was done in bold font with serifs. All the letters looked uppercase, although the first ones were bigger.  Under the name, it stated “Hotels and Resorts”. This portion of the logo used elegant cursive writing. An abstract drawing above the name completed the picture. It was as if divided into four parts. Each section characterized a different season with some branches being completely bare, while others were lush. This is a good representation of the company. The whole emblem was done in black, which further strengthened the brand’s concept of being a luxury hotel chain.

2016 – Today

Four Seasons Logo

A more modern expression of the logo was presented. Besides removing the second line in the emblem, as the name of the company spoke for itself, the designers redrew the tree. The tree branches looked shorter and the leaves were positioned slightly differently. In addition, the image lost the snowflakes that signified winter. Now, the seasons went clockwise instead of from left to right on both halves, which made more sense. The font used for the emblem looked very similar and also featured serifs. The letters, though, were thinner and wider.

Font and Color

The company used exclusively black color for its logos, even in the modern version. It is well known that this color symbolizes elegance, power, luxury, and sophistication. It gives the logo a classic and formal appearance, especially when taking into consideration the traditional font with serifs used for the name of the corporation. The company used a classic serifed typeface that featured thinner and thicker strokes for a dynamic appearance. With an update, the serifs became sharper and more angular, while the letters got stretched out horizontally. The typeface was also thinner for a more elegant and modern look.