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Marriott is a US-based network of real estate, headquartered in Maryland, founded the early 20th century. It maintains over 600 hotels and lodging centers under various brands in the megapolises and small towns of the US, Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The company’s main target audience is rich guests willing to stay in luxury apartments and have a full set of comforts and services.

Meaning and history

Marriott Logo history

The company was established in 1957 when Marriott couple opened their premier motel in Virginia. Later, the pair founded another hotel named Key Bridge, which became the brand’s oldest full-service location and still operates today as

Marriotts opened two more hotels in the 60s: in Arizona, and Acapulco, Mexico. They continued to grow in the following years and expanded to Europe in 1975, opening a location in Amsterdam.

Marriott carried on opening additional hotels in various corners of the world, becoming a transnational hospitality chain. In 1999, Marriott decided to distribute its activities among the two entities: Host Marriot, responsible for real estate ownership activities, and Marriott International, engaged in lodging management.

Today, Marriott is a large brand having numerous luxury hotels spread worldwide.

What is Marriott?
Marriott is a transnational hospitality network, operating in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They control over 600 locations, most of which are luxury hotels with a full pack of services and amenities. The business was established in 1957, and now it’s based in Bethesda, Maryland.

1993 – 2016

Marriott Logo 1976

The premier logotype was introduced in 1993 as a wordmark with an emblem to the right. The nameplate had a sans-serif typeface with the first ‘m’ composed of two diagonal bars, joined by a bar. The left side had a curl moving to the left. A similar symbol, but with no central bar, was placed inside a circular mark to the left.

2016 – today

Marriott Logo

Then they changed the logotype by removing the brand signature and adding the ‘international’ caption below.


Marriott Symbol

The company’s official palette of the brand consists of black for the name and white for the background. The logotype may also go in red and white coloring.


Marriott Emblem

The name has an artistic sans-serif font with semibold lines. Each character has small curls at the tips.