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Radisson Hotels emerged from a single hotel in Minneapolis. Curtis L. Carlson bought it in the 1960s. Its roots trace back to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Carlson aimed to create a global hotel brand. Radisson stands as a testament to American hospitality innovation. The brand offers guests a blend of comfort and luxury. It’s known for attentive service and elegant accommodations. Radisson has grown into a worldwide name, hosting travelers from every corner of the globe.

Meaning and history

Radisson Hotels Logo history

Radisson Hotels boasts a rich history since its inception in 1909. Its journey began with the opening of the first Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis. The brand experienced significant growth, particularly after Curtis L. Carlson’s acquisition in the 1960s. Throughout the years, Radisson has expanded its footprint globally. Key milestones include the launch of Radisson Blu in the 2000s, introducing a higher standard of service and design. Radisson’s evolution reflects its commitment to innovation and excellence in hospitality.

What is Radisson Hotels?
Radisson Hotels is a leading global hotel brand. It offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxurious stays to comfortable, budget-friendly options. The brand is celebrated for its exceptional service, attention to detail, and commitment to guest satisfaction. Radisson caters to both leisure and business travelers, ensuring a memorable experience.

1950s – 1968

Radisson Hotels Logo 1950s

The logo features a regal coat of arms crowned with a flourish, hinting at a legacy of hospitality. “The Greater Radisson” appears in a classic script, evoking a sense of grandeur and history. Below, “Minneapolis Hotel” confirms its proud city roots. The entire emblem is monochrome, giving it a timeless feel. It bridges past elegance with modern sophistication, encapsulating the essence of a storied hotel in a few bold strokes.

1969 – 1979

Radisson Hotels Logo 1969

The logo transitions to bold minimalism, with “radisson” in lowercase modern typography, showcasing approachability. A striking red shield dominates, enclosing a stylized “R” with geometric precision. This design choice reflects a shift towards modernity and simplicity. The logo’s color contrast, stark against a white backdrop, is assertive and memorable. The shield, a nod to heraldry, now serves a dual purpose, signaling protection and a bold, forward-moving brand.

1979 – 1984

Radisson Hotels Logo 1979

The logo maintains its shield and “R” emblem but strips away color, adopting a monochrome palette. The word “RADISSON” now caps the design, presented in a uniform, block font, emphasizing stability and strength. This iteration leans towards a more formal and classic aesthetic, possibly reflecting the brand’s maturity and established presence in the hotel industry. The simplification to black and white suggests a return to foundational values, emphasizing timeless quality over transient style.

1984 – 2000

Radisson Hotels Logo 1984

Color re-enters the logo, with a rich maroon giving warmth and a luxurious feel. The “R” emblem, encircled now, speaks of completeness. “Radisson” appears below in serif type, suggesting elegance and refinement. This design moves towards a blend of tradition and modernity, aiming to resonate with a broad audience. The use of circular geometry suggests unity, commitment, and the global reach of the Radisson brand.

2000 – 2020

Radisson Hotels Logo 2000

This logo sheds the shield and introduces a fluid, green swoosh beneath the name “Radisson”. The text adopts a freer, more stylized script, suggesting innovation and dynamism. The green element adds a touch of freshness, perhaps symbolizing growth or a nod to environmental consciousness. The black of the text conveys formality, while the playful script adds a welcoming touch. This design represents a pivot towards a more relaxed, yet confident brand identity, embracing a modern, approachable look.

2020 – Today

Radisson Hotels Logo

This incarnation of the Radisson Hotels logo opts for a sleek, symmetrical emblem with the initials “RH”. The color palette is a sophisticated grayscale, promoting a modern and professional image. “RADISSON HOTELS” is spelled out in a sans-serif font, emphasizing clarity and a contemporary vibe. The design strips away any excess, focusing on a clean and straightforward presentation that aligns with a refined corporate identity. The horizontal line adds a sense of balance, grounding the logo with a firm foundation.