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This brand signifies a premier global hotel company. Juan Trippe founded it to provide luxurious accommodations worldwide. Creation occurred in the United States. The purpose was to extend high-end hospitality to international travelers.

Meaning and history

Intercontinental Logo history

Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts emerged from Pan Am’s vision for global travel luxury in 1946. The brainchild of Juan Trippe, it aimed to offer high-end lodging for international flyers. Its first hotel welcomed guests in Brazil in 1949, setting a high standard. The brand became synonymous with upscale accommodations, linking major cities worldwide. Throughout its expansion, Intercontinental has blended local culture with universal comfort. It stands as a hallmark of refined hospitality, with over 200 properties globally, providing guests with a blend of luxury and local flavor. Each hotel reflects its city’s spirit, making the brand a canvas for global exploration. Intercontinental continues to innovate, marrying tradition with contemporary needs.

What is Intercontinental?
Intercontinental is a luxury hotel brand, part of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. It caters to sophisticated travelers seeking world-class service and amenities. The brand emphasizes cultural richness, located in major cities around the globe.

1946 – 2002

InterContinental Logo 1946

The logo features a deep blue backdrop, exuding a sense of reliability and professionalism. At the center, a yellow, diamond-like emblem stands out, symbolizing luxury and high quality. “INTER-CONTINENTAL” is written in bold, capitalized, white letters, conveying strength and stability. Below, “HOTELS AND RESORTS” in smaller white font signifies the brand’s industry with clarity and precision. This design communicates a blend of opulence and trustworthiness, resonating with upscale travelers.

2002 – Today

InterContinental Logo

In this evolved logo, the color palette softens to a refined gold, suggesting exclusivity and elegance. The centerpiece “I” sits within a sleeker, almond-shaped crest, conveying modern sophistication. “INTERCONTINENTAL” stretches out in a clean, serif typeface, the letters evenly spaced, presenting a timeless and expansive feel. This design iteration reflects an understated luxury, appealing to a discerning clientele.