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Jio is an Indian telecommunications company that has been quite popular in recent years as its free sim and internet offerings have caught the attention of users. Jio has radically changed the seemingly already-established Indian communications industry. India’s internet market tripled in Jio’s first year. In collaboration with Google, this brand launched an affordable 4G smartphone JioPhone Next in 2021. Moreover, Google here acts not only as a software provider but also takes a direct part in the development and design of smartphones.

Meaning and History

Jio Logo history

Before founding and launching Jio in October 2016, Mukesh Ambani developed another communications company to life back in 2002. Even though Reliance Communications (RComm) quickly became one of the most popular carriers in the country. RComm was inherited by his brother, so in 2010, Mukesh started another project. Few people dare to go into an already established sector where multi-billion dollar investments are required at the entrance. It was not enough to be the richest man in India and heir to the Reliance empire. Jio required 6 years of preparation and over $35 billion in investment. During the construction of the Jio network, many skeptics considered the project doomed. With over 250 million users in its first two years of operation, Jio has become the first company in history to break through the 200 million user mark so quickly. Ambani also bought out RComm from his brother, who was forced to cut almost the entire staff of 50,000 because of Jio. It is speculated that the name is a mirror reflection of the word “Oil”, referencing the oil refining company of the founder and suggesting that data and communications technologies are the new oil.

What is Jio?
Jio is an Indian telecommunications company. It is a well-known brand that has attracted a lot of users in a very short time by providing offers like no other company. It even developed a 4G smartphone together with Google that India’s population could afford.

2014 – 2016

Jio Logo 2014

When Mukesh was just developing his new company, he used a very colorful logo although the project attracted attention even without such a memorable emblem. It was a dome the outer edge of which created almost a full circle. It was formed from a crescent that had orange and red shades and a blue crescent, while the remaining portion was done in purple shades. Thanks to highlights, the dome had a three-dimensional appearance. It was enclosing a red flame that was meant to symbolize a beginning of a new era for the population of India. Underneath, the logo had the network name printed in lowercase, red letters.

2016 – Today

Jio Logo

The network launched with a new logo. It also had a circle as the base, but this time it was a complete, solid blue circle. The circle could be interpreted as the endless possibilities one gets by joining the Jio network. Inside, it had “Jio” printed in contrasting white using the same font as in the previous version but with the first letter capitalized. The rounded strokes looked good with the shape in the background. An alternative version featured a bold, red background.

Font and Color

Jio Symbol

The logo’s blue and white color palette launched in 2016 gave it a professional appearance. The blue color symbolizes the brand’s responsibility and loyalty to the clients as well as the stability of the services it offers.

Jio Emblem

The logo uses Omnes typeface by Darden Studio. It is a rounded typeface with serifs that remind of old-style serifs.