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Xiaomi is a Chinese company. The company’s main goal was that high-quality gadgets would not have to be expensive  Xiaomi truly exemplifies this value by offering products of the finest quality at incredibly low prices, which almost instantly put the new company’s sales and popularity on par with those of the most well-known mobile device makers in the world.

Meaning and History

Xiaomi Logo history

Xiaomi was founded in April 2010 as a custom firmware company for Android devices by former Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun and 7 co-founders. Initially, the creators wanted to create their own system with analogs of Google services for the Chinese market.  On August 18, 2011, the world saw the first Xiaomi smartphone – Mi One. In three years, the company has grown into the fourth largest brand in China and has become the creator of the most popular Android firmware. In 2013, the first exports of smartphones outside of China began. Over the course of 10 years, the company has grown into a large corporation with many brands and hundreds of products. In Chinese, the word Xiaomi is formed by two characters. The first means “small” 小, and the second means “rice” 米.

What is Xiaomi?
Xiaomi is a rapidly growing Chinese company that produces smart home appliances and portable electronic gadgets. There are a lot of brands owned by Xiaomi and even more companies that cooperate with Xiaomi and release products together with it.


Xiaomi Logo 2010

A trial logo was presented as an orange message icon with the company’s name in Chinese and English. The first line was much bolder and larger, while the second line was rather small and served as a quick translation. The muted orange color instantly attracted attention.

2010 – 2014

Xiaomi Logo 2010-2014

A shortened version of the name “Mi” was featured on an orange square. To the right, there was a Chinese version of it done in light gray with the company’s website written right under in a smaller, sans-serif font. This version was more internationally oriented although stayed true to its origins.

2014 – 2021

Xiaomi Logo 2014

Since the brand was already selling its products outside China, it went with only an English name. The orange square acquired a deeper orange color and rounder corners. The inscription on it also got smaller to match the size of the full name written outside the box.  The name was done in black using a sans-serif font with rounded strokes.

2021 – Today

Xiaomi Logo

There were small modifications to the previous version. The square not only got smaller but also even more rounded to resemble the small icons of various social media websites and such. It is meant to represent the company’s flexibility and desire to move forward. The letters for the name were spaced wider apart and the “a” looked different. It was also done in light gray, which made the overall look resemble the 2010 version. It was designed by Kenya Hara from the Nippon Design Center.

Font and Color

Xiaomi Emblem

Orange, white, and light gray/black were the main color of the brand throughout its existence. Orange is the color of determination, abundance, and success, which is a good association for the company. White is the color of perfection and the high-quality of its products. It used sans-serif fonts for the English version of its name. As the logos changed, the letters acquire a rounder look.