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OnePlus is a Chinese technological manufacturer based in Shenzhen. It designs, produces, and distributes a spectrum of electronic devices, from smartwatches, earphones, and smartphones to power banks, bags, phone shells, and others. Now OnePlus enters the group of brands owned eventually belonging to BBK Electronics.

Meaning and history

OnePlus Logo history

OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. appeared in 2013 thanks to Pete Lau, Car Pei, and investors from Oppo and other companies. The duo started OnePlus, aiming to develop a perfectly balanced high-end mobile phone cheaper than its competitors from the same price class.

Since the start, the entrepreneurs have been promoting the idea that their customers would ‘never settle’ for the less balanced and debugged phones developed by OnePlus’ competitors. This statement has been a marketing slogan for the brand until today. The brand’s name symbolizes the company’s willingness to go beyond its status quo.

During the first two years, OnePlus was primarily a local Chinese producer, developing cheaper devices on Cyanogen Mod operational system. Its products were distributed across mainland China and India via collaborations with artists and word-of-mouth marketing.

OnePlus would expand its product line during the 2015-2020 period, adding budget smartphones, earphones, and televisions and exporting them to Southeastern Asian countries.

Following Carl Pei leaving his post as marketing director in 2020, OnePlus began its partnership with Oppo in 2021. The two companies joined their research groups and developed OxygenOS, an operational system whose code is used in both Oppo’s and OnePlus’ smartphones to simplify the upgrading of the software.

What is OnePlus?
OnePlus is a company of high-end electronic gadgets based in China. Their products include smartphones, smart TV, headphones, smartwatches, and various accessories. OnePlus markets itself as a company that designs and produces devices with all high-end technologies, which are cheaper and better than those produced by the competitors. The firm is owned by Oppo, which itself is owned by BBK electronics, a large Chinese technological conglomerate that owns many popular smartphone labels.

2013 – 2020

OnePlus Logo 2013

The original appearance of the Oneplus brand logotype was drafted of a rectangle with the nameplate in all caps on it. A small square frame containing the number ‘1’ stood rightwards, and its upper angle was styled as a plus sign.

2020 – today

OnePlus Logo

The font changed in the latter logotypes, and the rectangle, serving as the background for the nameplate, disappeared.


OnePlus Symbol

The original logotype showed the sans-serif nameplate with a relatively slim typeface with the word ‘one’ written bolder. All letters were caps, and the small intervals separated the letters. Another notable thing is the number ‘1’, showing a prominent lower serif that looks like a block. In the update, the designers have featured a nameplate of the same high fatness. The letters are now enlarged, as well as the square frame. Moreover, this emblem contains a larger number ‘1’, which now has a more typical appearance.


OnePlus Emblem

The official logotypes always utilized red and white. However, in the first logo, the brand artists displayed the white nameplate on a red rectangle and red square with the red ‘1’. In the refreshed logo, all elements became red. Sometimes they repaint the logo black, but however, red is the dominant color, because it symbolizes passion, action, and progress – one of the company’s core values.