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Kawasaki rose from the ashes of World War II to become one of Japan’s greatest automotive players. It had the best engineers from all over the world work for the company. The brand keeps pace with scientific and technological progress and constantly upgrades its products. Today, the Kawasaki concern also has a significant position in the construction of environmental infrastructure, power plants, industrial facilities, and even in the creation of spacecraft.

Meaning and History

Kawasaki Logo history

The company, known as Kawasaki Heavy Industries, was founded by Shozo Kawasaki in Tokyo in 1906. Initially, it specialized in ship repair and cargo transportation. Due to the collapse of the aviation industry when it was occupied by the US, it re-profiled its production facilities. During the 1960s and 1970s, Kawasaki made some of the most powerful engines, creating legendary sport bikes and a line of winning off-road vehicles. In 1964, Kawasaki began mass production of motorcycles. The Kawasaki W1 model gained international popularity and allowed Kawasaki to enter the foreign market.

What is Kawasaki?
Kawasaki is a well-known brand that gained worldwide recognition in a relatively short period of time. Today, more than 100 Kawasaki divisions operate worldwide. The Kawasaki brand makes not only high-end motorcycles, but also jet skis, ATVs, aircraft, air engines, and even rockets.

1961 – 1967

Kawasaki Logo 1961

The logo presented by the company was bold. Thin white lines on a black background of a wing-like shape gave it dynamics. The shape served as a perfect background for the white and orange flag in the center and the brand name printed between the lines towards the top. “Kawasaki” was printed using white, all title case lettering. The latter did not look perfect and it appeared as if the whole emblem was hand-drawn, which added uniqueness and individuality to the brand image.

1967 – 2021

Kawasaki Logo 1967

This next logo looks much simpler, but it does not make it any less striking. The brand name is accompanied by a large initial above it. The initial combines very delicate thin strokes and bold thick elements to create an impressive image. The bold lettering underneath is rather basic, featuring sans-serif font. The color palette choice makes the company look powerful, luxurious, and full of energy.

2021 – Today

Kawasaki Logo

The company did not design anything new this time. Instead, it simply took the initials away and left only the full name. Such changes made the logo look very recognizable, yet different. This version looks very modern and timeless, while the name of this well-known brand says it all.

Font and Color

Kawasaki Emblem

The black color, which is seen in all the logos, makes the company look professional and determined. The first logo features a bit of orange, which typically symbolizes excitement and confidence. The red introduced in the second logo stands for the strength and passion of the brand. It is also associated with traditional Japanese colors. The original logo featured handwritten lettering and all uppercase letters. Later, it was replaced by a basic, sans-serif typeface. The first letter was capitalized while all the others were lowercase. The tall “k” and the dot above the “i”, though, gave a feeling of balance.