Philadelphia Flyers Logo

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Philadelphia Flyers is an American professional ice hockey team from Philadelphia that plays in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). This team was created when the NHL expanded from the so-called “Original Six” in 1967.  The Philadelphia Flyers logo, resembling a puck or letter “P” with wings, took sixth place in the competition of the best NHL logos.

Meaning and History

Philadelphia Flyers is a hockey team from Philadelphia with a long history. The name of the club was chosen during a competition in which 10,000 people from Philadelphia participated. The name refers to the speed and desire to win – the main qualities inherent in successful hockey players. The Flyers won two Stanley Cup championships (1974, 1975) and have numerous other successful games on their list.

What is Philadelphia Flyers?

The Philadelphia Flyers is one of the National Hockey League teams. The idea of creating an NHL club in Philadelphia came to Snyder (a VP of another NFL club at that time ) when he saw huge lines for tickets to Boston Bruins games. Thus, the Philadelphia Flyers from Pennsylvania became the second of six teams to enter the National Hockey League as a result of its expansion.

1967 – Today

Philadelphia Flyers Logo

Philadelphia Flyers’ original logo was used by the ice hockey team for over 50 years. It is designed by Mel Richman’s design firm. The logo featured a tilted or flying letter “P” with a four-feather wing coming out of the vertical line of the letter. The wing and the letter were black with a white outline and a thin black border. The letter “P” stands for the name of the city of Philadelphia. The red circle inside the “P” is the hockey puck, while the four wings were meant to represent the movement and speed. Some say it is the letter “P” captured in motion.