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What is Publix Logo

Publix is the chain of supermarkets which is owned by the family of the founder, George W. Jenkins. Publix operates services not only of food selling, but event planning and real estate. It’s one of the largest and oldest chains of supermarkets in the United States, having locations mostly in the south-east of the country.

Meaning and History

Publix Logo history

1948 – 1952

Publix Logo 1948

For the first logo, Publix brand designers used the white circle with a black dotted line. On this circle there was the name, ‘Publix Markets’, in two fonts: one with tall letters and little space between and one with squat letters and big intervals in-between. The circle was placed onto the black background, so the whole logo looked eye-catching.

1952 – 1955

Publix Logo 1952

1955 – 1957

Publix Logo 1955

1957 – 1958

Publix Logo 1957

1958 – 1972

Publix Logo 1958

1972 – 1979

Publix Logo 1972-1979

1972 – 2003

Publix Logo 1972-2003

1972 – today

Publix Logo 1972

The 1972 logo is a lime green square with a white letter ‘P’ sitting right in its middle. In the center of this letter, they also put a dark green dot. Moreover, there’s the company’s name written in the same color in the bottom right corner of this square.

2003 – today

Publix Logo 2003

A few years later, the designers reworked the logo by removing much of the logo, save for the green name part. This inscription had the dark green typeface with clear and minimalistic forms, as well as bigger gaps between the letters.

2012 – today

Publix Logo

In 2012, they replaced the dark green coloring with a brighter hue. That’s also when they introduced a new emblem – a circle of the same color with a white lowercase ‘P’ in the middle.