Shopee Logo

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Shopee is a major e-commerce platform for Eastern and Southeastern Asian countries. It was launched in 2015 by a Singaporean entrepreneur Forrest Li. The main idea is very simple: it’s a platform where people from different countries (including some outside of Asia) can buy and sell stuff online.

Meaning and History

Shopee Logo history

2015 – 2019

Shopee Logo 2015

The initial Shopee logo consisted of two elements: an emblem and a platform’s name right next to it.

The emblem is a silhouette of a shopping bag, covered completely in orange and with a white capital S in its middle. The name is located to its right, it uses the same style of writing as the big S on the emblem, except it uses both lowercase and uppercase letters and prefers the color orange, as well.

2019 – Today

Shopee Logo

In 2019, they decided to reshuffle the layout. Firstly, they changed the color from bright orange to a sort of auburn shade. Secondly, the name part moved to the spot below the shopping bag symbol. Proportions also changed, and the bag suddenly became much larger, and the writing – much smaller comparably.

Emblem and Symbol

In many instances, Shopee products simply use the shopping bag symbol (with the big S in the middle) as emblem. The Android app for the platform, for instance, reversed the colors of the bag and put it into an orange square as background. These usually get rid of the name part altogether.