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Saturn is a renowned automobile manufacturer from the United States. It was created by General Motors. The brand was established to be innovative and competitive in the small car market. Saturn aimed to distinguish itself with a unique dealership experience and no-haggle pricing.

Meaning and history

Saturn was introduced by General Motors in 1985, marking a new approach in car manufacturing and sales strategies. It produced its first car in 1990. The brand was envisioned as a “different kind of car company”, focusing on customer service and a family-friendly image. Saturn enjoyed a period of popularity, particularly in the 1990s, with models like the S-Series. However, facing financial difficulties, GM discontinued Saturn in 2010.

What is Saturn?
Saturn was a car brand under General Motors. It was known for its innovative approach and customer-centric policies. The brand ceased operations in 2010.

1985 – 2010

Saturn Logo

The logo consists of a vibrant red square background with two intertwined white orbits cutting across it. These orbits symbolize the planetary rings of Saturn, aligning with the brand’s name. The design is clean and modern, using stark contrast and minimal elements to convey a sense of innovation and simplicity. The logo’s geometry and the smooth curves of the orbits offer a visually striking look that stands out.